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I got to see Electrum in operation back in 1998, while this fellow was sitting inside the dome while it was discharging. It was amazing. I remember him saying in a deadpan, just before he fired it up, "And now we're going to see a very graphical demonstration of Faraday's Law." Then lightning as thick as your wrist started coming out of the metal cage inches from his face. Afterwards he said, "I feel funny... but fine."

[...] The `Enthusiast Pack.' Everything included above, plus an invite to transform an item of your choice with a multi-megawatt electrical discharge. Visit our San Francisco lab and personally fire our -ton high-energy capacitor bank into your item to help it achieve a high state of division. Optionally, you can send the item to us and we'll energize it for you, plus provide you with a slow-motion video.

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Scene missing! A video in this post has disappeared. If you know of an accessible version of this video, please mail me so that I can update this post.
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  1. gryazi says:

    Enough YouTubeing will find the performance group using musical coils where the guy basically just wears chainmail and a beekeeper's mask to the same effect. Unless these are the same people.

  2. skreidle says:

    As I recall, Tesla wanted to use giant coils such as these to transmit power wirelessly; it had the unfortunate side effect of inducing current in such things as household plumbing -- careful how you sit on the toilet, say -- and horses' hooves.

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