jwz mixtape 105

Please (try to) enjoy jwz mixtape 105.

It looks like, again, half of these will not play embedded. I really don't know what to do about it, short of hoping that one of these years Youtube gets their head out of their ass about embedding.

They tell you "You must watch this on Youtube", and yet the interface that they provide for watching an entire playlist full of videos is fucking worthless! The "Large Player" button doesn't stick, so it snaps back down to "postage-stamp sized" each time it advances to the next video. "Full screen" mode sticks, but then it commandeers your entire computer and you can't watch the playlist while doing something else at the same time.

So there are no sane solutions here.

Thanks a whole fucking lot, Youtube.

Anyway: I really love the Uffie video -- it's halfway between Gondry's Come Into My World and Let Forever Be. I'm glad that people are still imitating his old stuff, since he hasn't made something worth watching in a decade.

There are a lot of videos that look like the Niki and the Dove one, and all the corresponding bands sound like that, too. What are they putting in that Scandinavian water? If we imported more Voss, would music and clothing go that way here, too?

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17 Responses:

  1. John Carter says:

    I enjoyed the video to Painting Stations by Vinyl Jacket, it might be up your street if you like Two Door Cinema Club:

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  2. Rick O says:

    All 16 of those played in the embedded player for me.

    • Dan says:

      I watched via the playlist, and it kept the "Large Player" option between videos just fine.

      • jwz says:

        It never, ever stays in "Large Player" mode for me when moving from one video to the next in any context, whether I'm logged in or not.

        • Dan says:

          I went back to double check, using the "interface they profide" link, and it's acting different. I had icons along the bottom of the video for small, large, and full screen. now, I have one button with two arrows that toggles small and large, and another for full screen. No idea why it's different across two viewings, very weird.

        • Dan says:

          But the player is still remembering what size I want, even after I leave the playlist and come back.

    • plums says:

      Location? I'm in Canada, I have to use a Firefox extension (Modify Headers) to avoid braindead "not available in your location" messages on a bunch of sites. In this case though, I had to disable it to get the first video to play embedded. So far everything else is playing fine.

  3. effbot says:

    Sounds broken. Browser? HTML5 or Flash player? (right-click on it if you're not sure). Are you running some cookie-blocker/cleaner thing?

  4. Chris Yeh says:

    Thanks for the effort you put into these. This will be the third time I will be making purchases of music from bands I had never heard of before.

  5. Jake Nelson says:

    Some great stuff, thanks again for these.

    BTW, all of them played embedded for me, and if I click the link to the playlist, the large-format stays. I'm guessing it's a login/cookie thing (only works if you're logged in). (I'm using Chrome, no extensions except AdBlock)

  6. This probably doesn't qualify as a "sane" solution either, but I used youtube-dl to download them all first, and then I could watch them in whatever viewer I wanted.

    The particular incantation I used is youtube-dl -A -t "https://www.youtube.com/view_play_list?p=078A87E00ACDC196", which downloads all the videos in the playlist and builds a filename for each one based on the order it was downloaded (in this case, the order it was in the playlist), and the video title.

    Sometimes it gets confused and can't find an mp4 for a particular video - for some reason, the Two Door Cinema Club video was this way - in which case it gets the flv. I'm not sure why this happens, as ClickToPlugin let me download a mp4 of that video just fine, but there you go.

  7. zompist says:

    They all play fine for me, either in Safari or (muttered) IE.

  8. Loki Stormbringer says:

    Fantastic! 9 of 16 Videos are blocked in Germany, that's a new record. Music industry, please die. Soon.

  9. hks says:

    How about using grooveshark for providing songs?