Egypt imports 21 tons of tear gas from the US, port staff refuses to sign for it

Fuck yeah:

The arrival of 7 and half tons of tear gas to Egypt's Suez port created conflict after the responsible officials at the port refused to sign and accept it for fear it would be used to crackdown on Egyptian protesters.

The gas used has angered activists, who say the effects of exposure has yet to wear off, with a number of protesters telling that they have coughing fits, chest pains, blurred vision and their arms often shake. According to the Journal of Royal Medicine, the use of CS Gas -- the most common choice of Egypt's police last week -- can have lasting symptoms for over one year.

Egypt's al-Shorouk newspaper reported that upon the arrival of the shipment, massive disagreements broke out between employees, where five employees refused to sign for the shipment, one after the other.

The five, being dubbed by activists as the "brave five", were to be refereed to a investigative committee as to why they refused to perform their duties, which has since called off.

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  1. Whereas in The Wire it just would have been stolen and sold on the black market...

  2. Rick says:

    Great, more ammunition for the military to pull dick moves with

  3. starskeptic says:

    so - is it 21 tons or 7 1/2 tons?...