Concrete Misplots

Concrete Misplots

Based on iconic housing shapes, these buildings were intended as prototypes for mass-customization. Yet, as things go with computerized manufacturing, there have been misplots. The cartridge was not loaded properly. The concrete was set to the wrong parameters or scale. The printer module falsely translated a data set...

These misprints are the rejects of this early process, and they are now being used as shared homes by elderly people from the former squatter scene.

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8 Responses:

  1. mhoye says:

    Love it. Architecture as Glitch Studies niche.

  2. pavel_lishin says:

    I hate it when my house grows a tumor and all the carpet fibers fall out after the chemo;.

  3. Notthebuddha says:

    This explains where all the people in Armored Core For Answer live.

  4. Alden says:

    Bottom right, if scaled up, would make a perfect church for Flying Spaghetti Monster worshippers.

  5. I'd live in the third, bubbly, design. I kind of hate the glitch-rationalization behind that, though.
    Sounds like they dared to propose a series of "tumor inspired houses," but didn't dare enough to admit it. :)

  6. 205guy says:


  7. DaveL says:

    My hoax-dar is tingling. These are likely to be deliberately created art, not "glitches."

    • sean b says:

      jwz left off the most important line of the article:

      "these visualizations of future architectures"

      Why the rest of the article is written as if they exist--I don't know.