Brazilian police car rams smugglers' airplane

Oh, Internet, I want this to be true.

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  1. Ben Brockert says:

    Other random RSS bitching: for some reason youtube videos in your feed (and only your feed, as far as I've seen) are weirdly wrapped. Like vertical hold got broken.

    • jwz says:

      You can thank Google Reader for that.

      Save the RSS, copy the HTML inside <content:encoded><![CDATA[ ... ]] to a file, open that, and it displays fine.

      I can't fix what Google chooses to fuck up for you.

      • Ben Brockert says:

        Ok. I typically come over to the blog for comments anyway.

        I'll give NetNewsWire a try, thanks for the recommendation. I never used the sharing aspects of Greader, but "here's an undivided page of black and white" is pretty bad.

        • says:

          Oddly enough, I'm seeing the same vertical-space thing in NetNewsWire 3.2. But then, that syncs with google reader - could be an rss sanitization thing.

      • You ought to see what the mobile version of Google Reader does to them.

        (I scrolled for about 5 minutes to get to the middle of the video and see the Play button. Every pixel was enlarged to a 5x5 mm square. Wheeee!)

        • jwz says:

          Wow. Well I'm sure you'll have plenty of luck getting a response to your Google Reader bug reports. I kid, I'm a kidder.

        • Yeah, I've been enjoying that on my phone as well. I have basically resolved to skip all of jwz's posts when using Google Reader in Mobile Safari, and read them on the desktop.

      • Perry says:

        I'm not going to demand that you fix it, but other blogs seem to embed Youtube just fine, and Google Reader isn't the only RSS reader that seems to have this problem.

        • jwz says:

          Other blogs "solve" this problem by doing all of their embeds with width and height hardcoded in pixels, meaning, they don't resize properly when the window resizes, and if they're big, they don't work properly on phones.

          If you know of a way to make embeds scale properly (meaning preserving aspect ratio) as the window is resized, using CSS that most (handwave, handwave) aggregators won't strip out, I'm all ears!

          Because I don't know another way to make that work other than what I'm doing now.

          • Fred says:

            What is the context in which your auto-expandey solution works as intended?

            • jwz says:

              Look at this page right here in a web browser. Resize the window from full-screen to 320-ish pixels wide. Note that the embedded video scales properly with the page, and preserves its aspect ratio.

              It only fucks up when you're not reading it here, but when some RSS-aggregating web page decides that it should delete half of my CSS rules for you.

              • Fred says:

                Since you set the viewport smaller, it even works on my phone!

                But why would I be viewing your webpage on my phone, if not via an RSS reader?

                All of which appear to be fucked with by your markup (since even the native ones are transcluding it into a much larger webview that includes their UI). It seems like the fancy CSS should be in jwzblog.css, not inline in the post where it'll get syndicated elsewhere.

                • jwz says:

                  But there's no way to make that work. If all the style info was just left out, the iframe would have an unspecified size! It would probably end up being 0x0, or maybe 640x480 or something, and either the embed would be invisible, or best case, all the layout would be totally fucked up. E.g., on this post or this post where the embed is not the full width of the page but is instead 100% of the width of its parent.

                  Unlike img, the iframe tag doesn't have an intrinsic size or aspect ratio, so "width: 50%; height: auto" doesn't work. The only way to make iframe, object or embed scale properly along with the size of the enclosing element is to do the position/padding tricks that I'm doing.

                  So when Google decides to strip out position, it's all fucked.

                  • Fred says:

                    I just realized that you are (of course) doing all your markup here in a thoroughly righteous manner, the real problem is with WordPress helpfully inlining your CSS when it generates the RSS feed.

                    You'll be golden if you can get it to stop doing that, and leave the width="640" height="480" HTML attributes on the iframe (which get overridden by any CSS).

                  • jwz says:

                    No, I'm manually inlining the CSS on those tags because class="video_floater" would be meaningless in RSS, since jwzblog.css would not have been loaded.

                    If the iframe was width=640 then the layout would be fucked up on those posts I linked to.

                    So instead I'm putting valid, correct CSS in my RSS, and Google is "helpfully" throwing half of it away.

                  • Fred says:

                    So since you're manually inlining the CSS, that brings me back to my first question — do you know of any feedreader in which this actually works or is useful?

                    Anybody that wants a richly styled feedreading experience is going to use a UI that just shows them your site directly instead of the syndicated version of the post body.

                  • jwz says:

                    NetNewsWire displays it properly, if "Sync with Google Reader" is unchecked. I haven't tried any others.

        • jwz says:

          I'm guessing Google Reader is fucking up the CSS on the iframe tag. I've added !important to its width and height, maybe that will help. If not, View Source, Select All, and email it to me. Maybe there's something else I can do to work around whatever helpful "sanitization" they're doing, though I doubt it. Thanks...

  2. Stephen Harris says:

    I see weirdness with your embedded content in LJ; typically the post is twice as high as it needs to be

  3. Laura Rubin says:

    Bing! You get your wish, it does appear to be true:

    Man, that must've been one hell of a bicycle.

  4. Seems like there would have been a non-zero risk of igniting the fuel in the wing.

    • LionsPhil says:

      I'm not sure I'd be entirely confident that the roof struts and screen of my car would be sufficiently stronger than the wing to stop it intruding into my headspace, myself.

  5. I live in Rio de Janeiro and saw this on the morning news, and they made it seem that they are routinely monitoring illegal runaways and arresting people. In the video, the plane landed and when they saw the police they attempted to take-of again, but the police rammed the car against the wing and the plane lost balance and did not take off. Apparently after that they got a van that was waiting for the plane.

    • Tom says:

      So they switched to a trebuchet.

      • The funny thing is that those smugglers weren't actually carrying drugs, they had computers parts, electronics and apparently a bike. You see, import taxes here in Brazil are very high so the contraband is a quite lucrative business. But my bet is that those policemen were in fact after drugs.

  6. Otto says:

    That new "Grand Theft Auto: Ribeirão Preto" is *super* realistic. It's amazing what they can do on consoles these days.

  7. Andre Manoel says:

    Translation: "I'm going to hit the wing! I'm going to hit the wing! Don't shoot!"
    Later, "One get out! I'll catch them from the other side"

    And the guy on foot with the machine gun won't make up his mind: "Police! Police! Freeze! Get out! Get out! Freeze!".

  8. Alex says:

    This is a special case of the general principle that you can make anything significantly more awesome by adding the word "Brazilian". See also: wax, blowdry, baile funk, military dictatorship, holding midfielder. All the hairdressers around here have discovered this in the last few months and are boasting that they import their chemicals from, you guessed it. It's a great time to be a specialty chemicals company in Sao Paulo.

    Unexamined male privilege: nobody expects you to let people apply unknown cocktails of Nazi rocket fuel formulated by nameless South American hair friers to your head.