Anonymous Bandana

Matthew Borgatti is selling V Bandanas.... presumably without giving Time-Warner their cut!

Need to become Anonymous on demand? Could carrying a revolutionary around in your pocket change the world? Become the face of the movement.

Fold this bandana in half to transform into the famous fawksy provocateur from the comic pages. It's perfect for protecting yourself from sudden dust storms and outbreaks of authoritarianism. Keep your neck warm during those cold sit-ins. Use it as an impromptu rucksack to cart your gear from Zuccotti Park when the cleaners come. Cut eye holes to wear as a full face mask for added anonymity. Flag Fawkes. This is the hanky code for revolution.

For every bandana ordered one will be sent to one of the Occupy branches worldwide. Double your effect and increase the anonymity!

The back contains tear-gas advice and "Oh shit I've been arrested" phone numbers. Matthew's the guy who broke the curse and built the DNA Lounge sign.

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15 Responses:

  1. Glen Raphael says:

    I don't get this bit of advice from the bandana: "Carry only an ID, cash, emergency medical info, and important phone numbers in your wallet." Can anybody explain what that line is for? What is the person who wrote that line warning us not to carry that we otherwise might, and what's the harm we're being protected against if we don't follow the instruction?

    • jwz says:

      Seems pretty straightforward to me -- anything beyond that is giving away private information for no benefit, once it is checked into evidence. Leaking information to your captors can only hurt, never help. At best it will merely be neutral, so why take the chance? "Never talk to a cop." "Come back with a warrant."

      • Glen Raphael says:

        If so, it would have been better to word it "Carry only a wallet containing ID, cash, emergency medical info, and important phone numbers." Putting in your wallet at the end makes it sound like your wallet has some sort of special legal status (leaving it presumably okay to carry things that aren't in your wallet. Is carrying a smartphone okay?)

        Still focusing on the wallet, how would it hurt for The Man to see, say, your bank card, credit card, library card? Business cards I suppose are an invitation to harassment of the employer, but if you really want to be protected against The Man hassling people you know, why even carry ID? (And if you are carrying ID, isn't anything else The Man would want to know trivially findable via google and linkedIn?)

  2. Sohel Ali says:

    Late Happy Birthday.

  3. So a guy makes a comic book about an anarchist, which is turned into a big budget movie, which helps popularize the V mask, and leads to people making money.

    I think Moore would really like this.

    • Nick Lamb says:

      The movie doesn't so much "help popularize the V mask" as intentionally introduce the "everybody wearing identical V masks" scene, which doesn't exist in the comic book, in order to shift merchandise which was pushed into retail distribution. It's like having a new Bat-vehicle to go with a new Bat-movie, or the Darth Maul dual light sabre, pure merchandising. But who cares? None of the actual thinkers behind things like Anonymous care if the symbols they appropriate are products of a corporation. Everything in our world is now the product of a corporation. The people wearing V masks are not (on the whole) under the delusion that they're V, that the mask is a symbol of something important; it's not a symbol, it's a mask, so that they can't be identified and persecuted. V's mask is also primarily a mask, that's why Evey doesn't take it off. "Honor is like the hawk", wrong Moore comic but right sentiment.

      • Not That Jamie says:

        It isn't just a mask, it is also group identity. And more than a bit threatening, if you don't grok Anonymous and see a flock of them.

        Flock? I think there needs to be a collective noun for Anonymous, but the second problem is pluralizing an adjective. A DOS of Anonymi? A duck-type of Anonymouses? A virality of Anonymice?

      • Lun Esex says:

        Originally copies of the plastic mask were only available as freebee promotional items. I've been a big fan and collector of the original comic since it came out in the '80's (I'd made my own V costume sometime around 1989), and I tried to get one of the promo masks but I found it wasn't officially for sale. There were only ones on eBay that were being sold for outrageous prices ($100-$200). Luckily I managed to get one at Westercon that was being given away for free to promote the movie, which had been released a couple weeks before.

        Seeing the popularity of the promo mask the studio obviously figured they could make a few extra bucks putting it into mass production and selling it at retail. I bought one of the retail copies months later when they became available for Halloween and there are slight variations.

        So while the studio is indeed being opportunist, it's after the fact, and it's not at all the case that they had a scene that didn't exist in the comic added to the film just to shift merchandise. Besides, the screenplay was written by the Wachowski brothers, as their follow up to the Matrix films, so I think they'd have had a good chance at not having to deal with that degree of studio interference.

        Also note that the film was rated "R" in the U.S., and when studios intend a movie to have heavy merchandising tie-ins they push really hard to get it out with a "PG" or "PG-13" rating. If the studio had had enough influence to get a whole scene added to V for Vendetta just to make it a merchandising vehicle then they would've also gotten its "Rated R for strong violence and some language" edited down to a PG-13.

  4. Edouard says:

    I was all "fight the power!" with you until the last sentence, where you let slip that he works for The Man, promoting capitalist enterprises.