"Where are the cops who walked off the job rather than attack their neighbors drowning in debt and despair?"

A Children's Treasury of American Cops Brutally Attacking Citizens

How did America's heavily militarized security guards for the 1% spend the work week? Oh, just pepper-spraying sitting students in the face, macing old ladies, stomping peaceful protesters, yanking women around by their ponytails, destroying libraries and bloodying the faces of America's citizens. You know, what they've dreamed of doing for decades.

Remember the fat, smug face under that helmet and behind that ridiculous mustache in the picture above. This happened yesterday at UC Davis, a California college in a delightful, sustainable little town between San Francisco and Sacramento -- the kind of place earnest liberals move to, when they have kids, so they can all ride around on the town's famous network of bike paths. It's a well-off town, mostly, and it takes quite a lot of tax money to keep a bunch of vicious thugs overfed and dressed like junior Darth Vaders with their portable hard-ons, on the off-chance some college kids might one day peacefully sit outside to protest this nation's revolting descent.

One scene, one town. How many of these scenes have slipped by during these very busy weeks of protests and cop attacks? Up the I-5 in Portland, the stereotypical Brooklyn of the Pacific Northwest is apparently home to an absolutely insane paramilitary gang of thugs who cannot contain their glee at finally being able to go batshit on the people of Portland, with truncheons.

And more, from everywhere, because the kleptocrats told their rent-a-cops to smash heads, put all this to rest, or else. Or else what? In Egypt earlier this year, the cops refused to attack the people. East Germany and then the whole Iron Curtain collapsed when the local cops wouldn't smash heads when Erich Honecker ordered it. What about America? Where are the cops who walked off the job rather than attack their neighbors drowning in debt and despair?

Scene missing! A video in this post has disappeared. If you know of an accessible version of this video (search), please mail me so that I can update this post.
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jwz mixtape 105

Please (try to) enjoy jwz mixtape 105.

It looks like, again, half of these will not play embedded. I really don't know what to do about it, short of hoping that one of these years Youtube gets their head out of their ass about embedding.

They tell you "You must watch this on Youtube", and yet the interface that they provide for watching an entire playlist full of videos is fucking worthless! The "Large Player" button doesn't stick, so it snaps back down to "postage-stamp sized" each time it advances to the next video. "Full screen" mode sticks, but then it commandeers your entire computer and you can't watch the playlist while doing something else at the same time.

So there are no sane solutions here.

Thanks a whole fucking lot, Youtube.

Anyway: I really love the Uffie video -- it's halfway between Gondry's Come Into My World and Let Forever Be. I'm glad that people are still imitating his old stuff, since he hasn't made something worth watching in a decade.

There are a lot of videos that look like the Niki and the Dove one, and all the corresponding bands sound like that, too. What are they putting in that Scandinavian water? If we imported more Voss, would music and clothing go that way here, too?

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