The Yahoo billboard is going away

I wasn't as much of a fan of that as the Coke sign, but it was still kind of neat, since it was actually made of Things. It gave the impression that, unlike almost all advertising, there was someone, somewhere who actually gave a shit about it.

Here's an interview with the ad agency folks who built it:

Robert: There were a lot of calls with Clear Channel and Atomic Props to make sure that the board wouldn't weigh too much for the roof that it was mounted on, etc.

Steve: We used a prop house in the Midwest. They were great. I think we had to buy bulbs from 4 different lighting stores in the city to fill the damn thing. We wanted chaser lights but Coca-Cola was the last company to get that approved. It was weird because you can see the two boards at the same time. I think ours would have been better with chaser lights to really embrace the motel feel a bit more.

Robert: I do recall after a year or two that we had to get it all rewired. We didn't expect that it would be up for years. We were really thinking a year or two.

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DNA Lounge: Wherein we fish for compliments.

Hey, how about giving us some Yelp love?

Since people generally only post reviews when they're mad about something, most of our Yelp reviews fall into two categories: 1) "I was caught drinking under-age and they kicked me out, how rude!", and 2) "I only eat from vending machines, so I think a slice of pizza should cost a buck."

If you like what we do here, how about writing us a positive review on the DNA Lounge and DNA Pizza Yelp pages? It would soothe our delicate, needy egos!



Dear Lazyweb, how do I break the legs off of mDNSResponder?

NRPE starts failing to resolve hosts at random times, e.g., "check_nrpe -c some_command" returns "check_ping: Invalid hostname/address" while running the underlying check_ping command manually works fine.

So somehow being invoked from nrpe and/or launchd causes name resolution to work differently? Turning off mDNSResponder entirely with launchctl unload causes both nrpe and check_ping to not be able to resolve hosts, but host and nslookup still work fine.

Is it so much to ask that my machine should simply resolve hosts through plain old DNS instead of whatever-the-fuck crazy-assed games Apple is playing?

MacOS 10.6.8, NRPE 2.12.

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