iCal and iCloud

Dear Lazyweb, why is iCal only syncing one way?

I have heard of this "cloud" thing that all the kids are in to these days but I can't make it go.

When I add an event in iCal on my iPhone, it shows up on my iPad in a few minutes, and vice versa. When I add an event on my desktop, it shows up on both iPhone and iCal in a few minutes. But when I add events on either iPhone or iPad, they never show up on my desktop. That's, like, somewhat less than totally useful. What is going wrong here? I don't think I have any incorrect port-blocking, but who can tell...

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The Manhattan grid extended to every point on earth.

  1. DNA Lounge is between 15,954th Avenue and 15,955th Avenue on 14,468th Street.
  2. A singularity occurs in Uzbekistan.
  3. Another in R'lyeh.

So make of that what you will.



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