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Things you overhear after the geek show: "It's so much easier sweeping up the broken glass than the worms. Worms roll."

Photos galore! Galleries are up of Blow Up, Mortified, the Ksea Benefit, Death Guild, and a very late appearance by the Bike to Work Day party we had back in May.

Hey, maybe you'd like a Hubba Hubba Revue 2012 wall calendar?


The Vigilant Citizen brings news that Aleister Crowley was actually The Abominable Dr. Phibes

"The Great Beast 666"

Curse of Tutankhamun may have been work of Satanist killer

Six mysterious London deaths famously attributed to the 'Curse of Tutankhamun' were actually murders by notorious Satanist Aleister Crowley, historian Mark Beynon claims. Incredible parallels between Crowley and Jack the Ripper have also been discovered during research by Beynon.


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Let Me In: Avoid.

Yet another pointless remake, possibly even shot-for-shot identical to Let the Right One In (which was fantastic). What differences there were consisted primarily of amazingly crappy "video game from 1997" CGI, and teal-and-orangification.

Wouldn't it have been cheaper to dub it and CGI the lips to sync?

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Bruce Wayne's medical records

Patient: Wayne, Bruce
DOB: 2/16/1971
Occupation: Industrialist
Insurance: Self-pay

Orthopedic: By far the greatest contributor to patient's ongoing morbidity are his multiple and seemingly ceaseless musculoskeletal injuries. The most significant of these was sustained several years ago, when he was rushed to GCGH with several fractures of his lumbar vertebrae, reportedly after falling while rappelling. Skeletal series obtained at that time revealed numerous (>20) areas of orthopedic injury in various states of healing, which could not be fully explained by recent fall, including areas of all extremities and many ribs; confirmatory bone scan similarly showed many areas of increased uptake. Patient's robust stature is not consistent with osteogenesis imperfecta, and skin biopsy was negative for abnormal collagen and P3H1 or CRTAP genetic defects. Malignancy was suspected, but eventually ruled out following oncology consultation. Patient explained most of these (and most subsequent) injuries as being the result of membership in a private and apparently quite intense mixed martial arts club. Patient has denied being the victim of domestic abuse by Mr. Grayson following indirect and direct questioning on numerous occasions.

Law and the Multiverse also weighs in.

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