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DNA Lounge: Wherein the All Shall Perish video premieres, and Mortified gets a TV show!

The video for All Shall Perish's song Royalty Into Exile, which was filmed here in September, is out now. So much stage diving! So much.

Also, Mortified (whose all-sex-themed Thanksgiving show is happening here tomorrow at 7pm) are getting a TV show!

The Mortified Sessions
10 Episodes Start Dec 5 at 8pm on Sundance

We've teamed with Sundance Channel to create one of the most exciting Mortified projects to date.The Mortified Sessions is an unusual interview series that invites everyone from celebrities to CEOs to unearth their childhood artifacts (old diaries, letters, art, lyrics) and discuss what those items reveal about the person they've become. Each half-hour episode mixes elements of comedy and catharthis in an intimate, unflinching conversation that explores: are the secrets of success buried in the pages of the past?

Guests scheduled for season one include: Ed Helms, Eric Stonestreet, Cheryl Hines, Blake Mycoskie, Mo'nique, Jennifer Grey, Paul Feig, Alanis Morissette, Nick Offerman, Megan Mullally, Will Forte, and more!

As a heads up to existing fans, The Mortified Sessions is not intended a direct adaptation of Mortified Live and is actually based more on its curating process -- capturing the types of intimate conversations that occur when people first share their artifacts with us. It's a glimpse into an aspect of Mortified that few people get to see. Excited to share.