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Cordon multi-target photo-radar system leaves no car untagged

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Google Reader mass exodus PSA

Google Reader's crippling and accretion into the G+ hivemind has been the whiny topic of choice on my friends' feeds for the last few days. Google Reader was always terrible, so now that they've fucked you again, might I recommend using a real feed reader?

On the desktop, I like NetNewsWire, and on iPad and iPhone, I like Reeder.

(There's also a mobile version of NNW and a desktop version of Reeder, but those are not as good.)

Both of them can sync to Google Reader on the back end (basically just using it as cloud storage for the "marked-as-read" flag on your feeds) which makes it easy to switch back and forth between your desktop and your phone, or even between feed readers, without having to re-read things you've already seen. (Also -- bonus! -- that lets Google continue to monetize your reading habits.)

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