Aliens on Ice

Aliens on Ice

The show's strict adherence to to the plot of Aliens only makes the detours, both major and minor, all the more unexpected and hilarious. A chestburster breaks into song and serenades the shocked room with the Black Eyed Peas. The above mentioned sex toy makes a few bizarre appearances. A small joke from the film is extended and absurd sitcom lengths, complete with a comedic trombone sound effect. In the show's greatest moment, the aliens surround our heroes and instead of killing them, they break into "Be My Guest" from Disney's Beauty and the Beast, dancing, singing and skating up a storm. The shocked marines soon join in and for a few minutes, we're watching a full-fledged musical number, loose and sloppy in its choreography, but truly joyful and transcendent in performance.

This might be almost as epic as Point Break Live was.

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VC metadata

Well, that was fun! My server hadn't experienced a load spike like that since before I started using WordPress, so it took some tweaking to get Apache and PHP to stop falling over. I think it should be fine the next time I say something that gets the nerds all riled up, though.

Many of the comments on my post are hilarious. There was surprisingly little trolling, and many times I found myself not needing to reply because someone else had ably handled it before I got there. I do like it when that happens. Sometimes you can crowd-source snark.

It always surprises me when I post something relatively short and direct like that and many people seem to just not understand what I'm saying at all. I read the comments and think, "How was I unclear? Because I thought I was pretty clear!" This time I even said it all twice, just in case. Maybe people assume that I'm speaking in some hidden code and can't possibly mean what I actually said.

I got a kick out of all the attempts at redirection, too. "Well that's all very interesting, but answer this highly-targetted question with a sound-bite that will let me continue to justify my preconceptions and sunk costs."

Since someone asked, and it made me curious, the most popular referrers seem to have been:

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The Apologies of Zuckerberg: A Retrospective

Of the 25 posts Zuckerberg has published on Facebook's corporate blog, 10 were to address complaints.

Here's a trip down memory lane, looking back at Zuckerberg's apologies for upsetting users -- usually about privacy.

There are some common themes. Zuckerberg almost always tells users that change is hard, often referring back to the early days of Facebook when it had barely any of the features people know and love today. He says sharing and a more open and connected world are good, and often he says he appreciates all the feedback.

Most of all, Zuckerberg seems to take pride in offering an explicit, earnest apology, but doesn't actually admit he was wrong, just that he's sorry for how things were rolled out or perceived.

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Egypt imports 21 tons of tear gas from the US, port staff refuses to sign for it

Fuck yeah:

The arrival of 7 and half tons of tear gas to Egypt's Suez port created conflict after the responsible officials at the port refused to sign and accept it for fear it would be used to crackdown on Egyptian protesters.

The gas used has angered activists, who say the effects of exposure has yet to wear off, with a number of protesters telling that they have coughing fits, chest pains, blurred vision and their arms often shake. According to the Journal of Royal Medicine, the use of CS Gas -- the most common choice of Egypt's police last week -- can have lasting symptoms for over one year.

Egypt's al-Shorouk newspaper reported that upon the arrival of the shipment, massive disagreements broke out between employees, where five employees refused to sign for the shipment, one after the other.

The five, being dubbed by activists as the "brave five", were to be refereed to a investigative committee as to why they refused to perform their duties, which has since called off.

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Page 23: Twilight Zone Ikea

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Scooby-Doo and Secular Humanism

Scooby-Doo and Secular Humanism

I'm not sure how it happened. One day you're just going along, living your life as normal, and the next you're frothing at the mouth in rage over a Cartoon Network original movie because it violated the very premise of the franchise! Somewhere along the line, I woke up one morning with some very strong opinions about Scooby-Doo. [...]

Which is why the existence of the supernatural just doesn't work within the framework of Scooby-Doo. It wouldn't work even if it were done in such a way that they were discovering the truth that real monsters actually existed against a disbelieving public, which is a premise that's been done really well elsewhere. There's an underlying logic to the world of Scooby-Doo that just boils down to Reason vs. Superstition, and in that battle, superstition can never win.

Previously, previously.

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T-600 series needs eyeliner too.

Apparently Pugh has a makeup line now. It may not surprise you to discover that it is shades of gray and purple, specially-formulated for the eyebrowless schwa-faced replicant population of the domed hellscape you call home.

Judges will allow that.

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Emergency supplies

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Daria cosplay!



Watch a VC use my name to sell a con.

Normally I just ignore navel-gazing tech-industry articles like this, but people keep sending it to me, so I guess this guy is famous or something. Michael Arrington posted this article, "Startups Are Hard. So Work More, Cry Less, And Quit All The Whining" which quotes extensively from my 1994 diary.

He's trying to make the point that the only path to success in the software industry is to work insane hours, sleep under your desk, and give up your one and only youth, and if you don't do that, you're a pussy. He's using my words to try and back up that thesis.

I hate this, because it's not true, and it's disingenuous.

What is true is that for a VC's business model to work, it's necessary for you to give up your life in order for him to become richer.

Follow the fucking money. When a VC tells you what's good for you, check your wallet, then count your fingers.

He's telling you the story of, "If you bust your ass and don't sleep, you'll get rich" because the only way that people in his line of work get richer is if young, poorly-socialized, naive geniuses believe that story! Without those coat-tails to ride, VCs might have to work for a living. Once that kid burns out, they'll just slot a new one in.

I did make a bunch of money by winning the Netscape Startup Lottery, it's true. So did most of the early engineers. But the people who made 100x as much as the engineers did? I can tell you for a fact that none of them slept under their desk. If you look at a list of financially successful people from the software industry, I'll bet you get a very different view of what kind of sleep habits and office hours are successful than the one presented here.

So if your goal is to enrich the Arringtons of the world while maybe, if you win the lottery, scooping some of the groundscore that they overlooked, then by all means, bust your ass while the bankers and speculators cheer you on.

Instead of that, I recommend that you do what you love because you love doing it. If that means long hours, fantastic. If that means leaving the office by 6pm every day for your underwater basket-weaving class, also fantastic.

Update: Followup here.

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