Tony Baloney loses 10 vacation days.

Pepper Spray Cop Tony Bologna Punished With More Work

As punishment for spraying a couple of women in the eyes and walking away, he loses ten vacation days!

Yesterday, attorney Ron Kuby, who is representing one of the victims, met with investigators at Manhattan DA Cy Vance's office to press for assault charges against Bologna. Kuby tells reporters he's not satisfied with the Internal Affairs punishment. "The problem is, Deputy Inspector Bologna went berserk while on duty in a crowded public place and attacked a group of women who were not breaking the law," Kuby tells the Post. "That's not simply mishandling pepper spray, which makes it sound like he over-seasoned his salad."

And in an interview with the News, Kuby added, "Frankly, I don't want him to lose any vacation days at all. That means he spends more time on the job with an even bigger attitude. I think he needs a very long rest someplace quiet and stress-free."

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