Michael Moore's Whale Necropsy Kit

How Do You Autopsy a Whale?

Michael Moore, a veterinarian and whale biologist at the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution, displays the contents of his portable whale necropsy kit. The note on the box lid says "Dear TSA: This case contains equipment for examining dead whales for NOAA (Dept. of Commerce). Knives, hooks, sharpeners, sample containers, saw, tapes, face protection."

Moore uses a Japanese whaling hook, which is useful for pulling back sheets of blubber to get at the animal's internal organs. He carries a bone saw -- formerly his mother's -- to get through jaws and vertebrae to find the location of a fatal injury.

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3 Responses:

  1. Ian Dutton says:

    rotting sea mammal is the worst kind of stink i have ever experienced. it takes a team to hold the blubber away from the guts and someone always looses there nerve or lunch. I was a strong back and weak mind at these events. had to burn several uniforms. the saddest one was mother and calf beached the mother had a broken jaw from a propeller strike.

    • DFB says:

      Which is probably why this guy, who has to smell it all the time, is pissed that the TSA keeps taking his C4.

  2. YHVH says:

    Check out channel4's series Inside Nature's Giants, and in particular the episode on the whale