Man builds smartphone dock into arm

This is like a mash-up of the punchlines of several campfire stories: "The calls are coming from inside the bloody hook hanging on the car door!"


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  1. Steve Lieber says:

    This is *the* must-have accessory for today's Jay J. Armes-wannabees.

  2. Lloyd says:

    Well, it's running an arm processor. But I was also expecting thumb support.

  3. Artie says:

    Is one smartphone enough? He could totally add a Palm to that setup.

    But seriously, give that man a hand.

  4. gryazi says:

    Who wants to be the one to tell him he put the phone in upside-down?

    (Although for speakerphoning, I imagine that's dandy. I notice my LG won't rotate the screen upside-down, either for SAR enforcement or to discourage the clueless from holding the microphone to their ear.)

  5. Lun Esex says:

    Fortunately he'd heard about Netik's attempt to Dremel out an old iPhone 3G dock only to find it wasn't compatible with his new iPhone, so he made sure to base his arm mount on a Universal Dock that will work with all iPhones.

    Unfortunately, the phone he's got to use with it is a Nokia...


  6. System error 25329: too many puns.

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