Liquid Television!

Wow, it looks like MTV has posted the Liquid Television series from the early 90s -- possibly all of it! Good quality, too.

I think most of this was never released on DVD, so that's pretty sweet.

Thanks in advance to whoever figures out how to get around their DRM and download it all.


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  1. pavel_lishin says:

    Finally, I'll get to live the 90's that living in the USSR has denied me!

  2. Dr. Curiosity says:

    Geolocked. Bastards.

  3. Danny Dulai says:

    Sweet! I've been living with since the late 90s, and looking forward to seeing the ones I missed the first time around.

  4. Awesome. Wish they'd post Amp in its entirety, that was my first taste of Electronic Music.

  5. sean b says:

    Yeah, we're definitely going to need the un-DRM'd version. I watched about twenty-five minutes of The Maxx uninterrupted, and then it decided to start showing me 4 commercials every 3 minutes.

  6. Tyler Wagner says:

    Older VHS rips exist via torrents.

    • Hex says:

      I was just about to say the same thing (hi Tyler!). I kind of like the VHS quality because it reminds me of my own (long-dead) tapes of Liquid Television, but there's a lot of stuff I'd really like have see a clear copy of.

  7. Angel Ortega says:

    O.T.: you've changed something in your CSS that does not allow me to increase your font size anymore (I previously could).

    • LafinJack says:

      Hmm, what browser are you using? I can increase and decrease the font size of this page with Firefox 8.

    • jwz says:

      Works fine for me in Safari, Firefox and Opera.

      • Rick C says:

        "I can't replicate your problem; therefore it must not exist. Why don't you upgrade to the latest version of Firefox?"

        • jwz says:

          What's your point? I can't reproduce the problem, so what the hell do you expect me to do about it?

          • Rick C says:

            Yes, you probably can't repro because you're not using Chrome. I'll assume you'll just ignore this for 2.7 years and then mark as "CLOSED, WONTFIX."

    • Tyler Wagner says:

      Zooming in Chromium scales the page, images, and text line spacing, but not the font size.

  8. Rick C says:

    In Chrome, zooming appears to increase the box size, but fonts stay the same size. Makes for an odd effect.

    • jwz says:

      Well, I don't have Chrome installed, and don't care to. At least three of the four more popular browsers say Chrome is wrong. If you have a portable workaround, let me know.

    • jscott says:

      Zooming increases font size, as normal, over here. Chrome 14.0.835.202, if version numbers still matter.

  9. holyzoo says:

    Nice, I was living with my VHS rips to DVD since 2001. They're pretty thorough - all 6 Psycho Grams. Dear mum...

  10. Ralf Hildebrandt says:

    That's awesome. It was on German Television back then, during the night (of course, can't have good stuff when anybody is still awake).

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