Halloween mixtape re-issue!

Since it's that time of year, I've re-issued my two 2008 Halloween-themed mixtapes. These are audio-only, and so will expire in two weeks. Listen soon!

Please enjoy mixtapes Ø54 and Ø55.

Video mixtape Ø95 may also be relevant to your seasonal interests.

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2 Responses:

  1. jwz says:

    Awesome, it looks like iTunes 10.5 is no longer showing metadata on my audio mixtape streams. Anyone know what it has recently gotten more finicky about?

    The DNA Radio stream has a stream title and the metadata is updating as the songs change, but there's no title or metadata on the audio mixtapes. The're both using the same "icy-description" and "icy-name" headers, so I don't know why the title is not showing up.

    They might be doing metadata differently, though. Has iTunes stopped respecting inline metadata via "icy-metaint"?

    I'm pretty sure this was working properly in iTunes as recently as May...

    • Ben Brockert says:

      "Icy me taint."

      I have no help, I just found that funny.

      (Came to SF, sadly didn't get a chance to try DNA Pizza. "Morph" on the far end of Geary was fantastic, best five spice pork ramen ever.)