Dear Lazyweb, what should I be for Halloween?

If your answer is especially difficult or "conceptual", please provide enough justification to swing the needle toward "this is actually a suggestion" from "I am snarky and clever, look at me."

Than you in advance for your cooperation in this matter.

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59 Responses:

  1. Mark Welch says:

    Cthulhu. Or Santa Claus.

  2. imgx64 says:

    It really depends, are you (and the people you're likely to meet in Halloween) into anime?

    The answer really makes a huge difference, compare:
    Ordinary Halloween:
    Anime Halloween:

  3. hep says:

    jwz. like the time i was. just tie rope and bottlecaps in your hair and cover your pant legs w/ zipties.

  4. imgx64 says:

    Or, you could shave the side of your head to look like that guy from Code Rush! Oh wait, that was you. You did change your hairstyle, right?

    (I'm really sorry. Please accept my apology for this "I am snarky and clever, look at me" comment.)

  5. Devon Dossett says:


    alternatively, this:

    and hopefully we can get David to dress up as The Skipper.

    • Liz says:

      I was all about a group Gilligan's Island costume this year - and we all know Jim makes an excellent Skipper.

  6. Lloyd says:

    can't you just write a screensaver with floating pumpkins? An algorithm to vary face features randomly would work well.

    ('floating' is generally scarier than 'bouncing')

  7. Jeff says:

    I suggest a non-vampire, non-zombie monster costume. Over the last few years I've seen pop culture/"clever" costumes completely supplant scary monsters. Unless those monsters are fucking vampires or zombies, neither of which are scary anymore.

    Wolfman, deep one, ghost. Inspire the masses and remind them of the time when halloween was for something other than pirates, stormtroopers and tarted-up bloodsuckers.

    • phuzz says:

      It's pretty easy to make a set of bat wings out of an old (or new but cheap) umbrella. Cut two and a half segments out of the umbrella, and sew them to a top between the arms and your side, and voila, flappy bats wings. Leave the struts on as ribs to hold it's shape.
      Of course, you do then have the ends of the ribs poking out threatening to spike people, but an actually dangerous costume is scarier right?

  8. Samuel says:

    Personally I've always wanted to dress up as Pham Nuwen, with skroderider buddy. You could put a tree in a pot on a radio-controlled car (with six wheels, of course)

  9. NelC says:

    Slavegirl Leia?

  10. metahacker says:

    Commander Badass.

    (reference pic)

  11. DC Dan says:

    Take a white t-shirt and attach about 100 black pipe cleaners and bend them so they are sticking straight out, on the back write Biore.

  12. I think you should go as "crowdsourcing". Or "lazyweb".

    • Laura Rubin says:

      I was thinking "social media" or "data mining", but then you would look more like a Nascar driver than a costumed human.

  13. Sam Hughes says:

    Harry Dresden. You get to wear a duster and carry a stick!

  14. erinn says:

    Gareth Pugh runway model? The LulzSec logo guy? Anthony Bologna and then shoot hipsters with silly string?

  15. CA-ABC officer?

  16. gioerr says:

    Tron had some nice costumes

  17. Tedlick says:

    A member of the Guild of Calamitous Intent, perhaps a Stranger?

  18. Ian Young says:

    1. Lovecraft. Spend the entire night in character discussing "the threat of the negroid races"
    2. Lord Humongous. Though you need a lackey to carry the bullhorn.
    3. Carl Sagan. Bring an apple pie. Insist you created the universe to make it.

  19. LafinJack says:

    Find a plastic jack-o-lantern big enough to fit over your head, cut out the bottom so your head will fit in it, put duck tape on the cut edges so it doesn't rip up your neck, tape glowsticks to the inside of it, attach an appropriately-sized witches' hat to the top of it, then wear the whole thing along with a t-shirt that says "I am snarky and clever, look at me."

  20. Dave says:

    A ringmaster.

  21. jay says:

    Make a t-shirt that says "This costume is the result of a Lazyweb request -- that's why it sucks"

    On the back, you can just print out all these comments.

    Bonus: It's recursive.

    Bonus II: So is this comment.

  22. I don't know what you should be, but I would like to know if you still have several storm trooper costumes.

  23. Nick Lamb says:

    Go as your favourite nutcase. fictional: Rorschach, Hannibal Lecter, Batman or non-fictional: Stalin, Charles Manson, Gene Ray. People are much scarier than monsters, because people are all too real.

    "Identifiable" varies according to the target audience of course. Not every party will have people who see a crow perched on your shoulder, identify your clothes as roughly 1950s period and conclude you're Melanie Daniels (as played by Tippi Hedren).

  24. Mark Welch says:

    Donald Rumsfeld, sir.

  25. moskrin says:

    It may be a bit overdone at this point, but why not Zoidberg? ()

  26. Malachi Kenney says:

    Seth Green's character from Cant' Hardly Wait?

  27. Bradley says:

    How about a real life scary monster. I'm thinking the ABC or the SF Planning Department

  28. Colin says:

    Snarky, clever *and* scary: A Mork database.

    Realistically: Have a nice suit? Grab a martini glass and a fake gun: Secret Agent/James Bond. Put on a mask with a paper-cutout of some other over-done halloween costume attached to it? Team Fortress 2 Spy.

  29. ank says:

    Dress up as The Doppler Effect.

  30. Joe says:

    Commander Spock, obviously

  31. Elusis says:

    You're welcome to join our gang of Mystery Men. We have the Bowler, Mister Furious, and the Shoveler covered. You'd make a good Sphinx (you are, after all, terribly mysterious.)

  32. Jon Konrath says:

    I was going to say RMS, but you would've needed to stop showering about a month ago.

  33. Lee says:

    You should be Chitti from the 2010 Kollywood movie Enthiran (Eng: Robot).