This is amazing.

Don't forget to flip through DANGER! Monthly:

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  1. sean b says:

    It does a pretty good job of evoking the old TV look, except for the fucking blue-and-orange everywhere.

  2. Ian Young says:

    It's like Garth Marenghi's Venture Brothers...

  3. andrew hutchison says:

    Danger 5 is the finest group of special operatives the Allies have to offer; Jackson from the USA, Tucker from Australia, Ilsa from Russa, Claire from Britain, and Pierre from Europe.

    I like that Pierre is from "Europe". It's like the reverse-racist version of the Planeteers.

  4. Obviously I'm going to watch this all the time.

  5. Buddy Casino says:

    This is why I still read this blog. Never thought something like this could come out of Australia, though.

  6. pavel_lishin says:

    I wish they had RSS.

  7. DFB says:

    The first story arc is finished. Don't get your hopes up.

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