A Menger Sponge you can walk through

Serge Salat

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Remember that camera that supposedly captures enough quantum hoo-ha that you can re-focus your pictures after the fact? Apparently it's actually shipping:

Since you'll capture the color, intensity, and direction of all the light, you can experience the first major light field capability - focusing after the fact. Focus and re-focus, anywhere in the picture. You can refocus your pictures at anytime, after the fact.

What's missing? Nothing you'll miss. No auto-focus, no shutter lag, no unnecessary modes, dials, or settings. And no flash, because Lytro can handle many low light settings. So, no obstacles to the perfect shot.

I'm curious how it works in the dark.

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ballcams are all the rage this year

Polar Bear is Not Fooled


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Bolognese Machiavelli


  1. Arrange to have garlic and onions cast into hot oil.
  2. The carrot and celery you must divide against themselves. Ground beef, too, shall turn upon the burner; crush any coherent resistance with a spoon of wood. Sautee until no hint of blood remains to stain your hands.
  3. Perhaps, in a dark place without witnesses, the tomato shall meet with the knife.
  4. The basil and parsley you may use without consequence. For long minutes, all shall be muddled and roil on the surface of the flame.
  5. If it is most advantageous, store cold for the proper day.

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