Tony Baloney loses 10 vacation days.

Pepper Spray Cop Tony Bologna Punished With More Work

As punishment for spraying a couple of women in the eyes and walking away, he loses ten vacation days!

Yesterday, attorney Ron Kuby, who is representing one of the victims, met with investigators at Manhattan DA Cy Vance's office to press for assault charges against Bologna. Kuby tells reporters he's not satisfied with the Internal Affairs punishment. "The problem is, Deputy Inspector Bologna went berserk while on duty in a crowded public place and attacked a group of women who were not breaking the law," Kuby tells the Post. "That's not simply mishandling pepper spray, which makes it sound like he over-seasoned his salad."

And in an interview with the News, Kuby added, "Frankly, I don't want him to lose any vacation days at all. That means he spends more time on the job with an even bigger attitude. I think he needs a very long rest someplace quiet and stress-free."

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Naomi Wolf: How I was arrested at Occupy Wall Street

Good times.

Then a phalanx of perhaps 40 white-shirted senior offices descended out of seemingly nowhere and, with a megaphone (which was supposedly illegal for citizens to use), one said: "You are unlawfully creating a disruption. You are ordered to disperse." I approached him peacefully, slowly, gently and respectfully and said: "I am confused. I was told that the permit in question allows us to walk if we don't block pedestrian access and as you see we are complying with the permit."

He gave me a look of pure hate. "Are you going to back down?" he shouted. I stood, immobilised, for a moment. "Are you getting out of my way?"

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EFF declares premature victory in Nymwars

In a shamefully credulous statement, they say:

Proponents of pseudonymity scored a major victory today, when Google executive Vic Gundotra revealed at the Web 2.0 Summit that social networking service Google+ will begin supporting pseudonyms and other types of identity.

According to Mashable, Google+ will be "adding features that will 'support other forms of identity' in the next few months."

Google's statement is obvious bullshit, and here's why. The way you "support" pseudonyms is as follows:

  1. Stop deleting peoples' accounts when you suspect that the name they are using is not their legal name.
  2. There is no step 2.

Whatever Google is planning cannot be that, because they think it will take them months to implement. This means they are planning something far more complicated than telling their "abuse" team, "Here is our new policy", and so you can be certain that they're going to fuck it up in some new and exciting way.

My guess? I'll bet they still require you to register with your "real" name, but then they'll graciously allow you to have a linked nickname or two, meaning they're still fully prepared to roll over on you to authoritarian governments or advertisers at the drop of a hat.

Fuck those guys, seriously.

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Nutjob suicide, private zoo execution

Next time, on Sick Sad World...

Wild Animal Escape From Ohio Farm

Zoo staff members came to the property in Zanesville after Terry Thompson, 61, killed himself yesterday. Investigators believe Thompson opened the cages of about 56 beasts before his suicide. Authorities said they answered many calls at the 73-acre spread over the years, including reports of animal cruelty. [...]

Law officers shot 48 animals and buried them on the property, including 18 tigers, nine lions, eight lionesses, three mountain lions, six black bears, two grizzly bears and a baboon, Lutz said during a news conference at a makeshift operations center near the Thompson property. A gray wolf and monkey were still loose, and the monkey may be carrying a virus, Lutz said. Six other animals were taken to the Columbus Zoo.

Hanna, who has been a frequent guest on television shows including "The Late Show with David Letterman," said he has received criticism because the animals weren't merely sedated. It was too risky, and a tragedy for the animal world "could have been a bigger tragedy for the human world," he said at the press conference.

Barb Wolfe, a Columbus Zoo veterinarian, said in an interview that she tried to tranquilize a tiger on the property this morning and was about 15 feet away when it roared and started charging, forcing police to shoot it. "An agitated animal like that can really fight off a lot of anesthetic," Wolfe said.

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Occupy George

I love the idea of bulk-printing on money. I just wish their slogans and infographics were pithier... These are kind of weak and not very funny.

Lolworthy legal disclaimer:

The intent behind Occupy George is not to render any money unfit to be reissued, and in fact the hope is that all stamped money will circulate as much as possible, passing knowledge to all those who come across the bills.

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Luxo wears the Cone of Shame


One man's devious plot is another's systematic plan.


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Insert coin to continue

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Artist produces temporary works by etching her oversensitive skin

(Her site's down at the moment.)

Ariana Page Russell

is a visual artist whose work features intricate patterns etched in her own skin. Russell has dermatographia, an immune system disorder that causes histamine swelling in response to light scratching. The effect lasts about 30 minutes: "This allows me to painlessly draw on my skin with just enough time to photograph the results. Even though I can direct this ephemeral response by drawing on it, the reaction is involuntary, much like the uncontrollable nature of a blush."
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DNA Lounge: Wherein there are photos.

A few new photo galleries this week:

Turns out, black and white photos of people in animal masks are kind of creepy.

Who knew.

You are ready for our WEEK of Halloween, right?

Buying advance tickets for these events would be a good idea!


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