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Twitter's reprehensible lack of an image API

Twitter's new image-hosting service contains no META or LINK tags to identify the encapsulated images; as is their way, everything is buried under 30 levels of intentionally-obfuscated iframe and Javascript nonsense.

Can anyone tell me how to get the URL of an image that I just posted?

For example, http://pic.twitter.com/ZBqnbw3K redirects to http://twitter.com/#!/dnapizza/status/125447813940260864/photo/1 whose image is http://p.twimg.com/Ab2uH0QCMAA0dCh.jpg but I can't find any way to transform "125447813940260864" -- or any of the content actually present in the HTML source -- into "Ab2uH0QCMAA0dCh".

Since the Twitter iPhone app no longer allows you to specify a different image-hosting service, even that isn't an option here.

This is some serious bullshit.

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