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Sister Crayon

(iOS 5 removed zoom slider from photo app on 3GS; now 1000% worse for gig shots. Crop tool inconsoling.)

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Steve Yegge on Google+

This is an awesome rant about what's wrong with Google, with a hearty side-order of what's wrong with Amazon.

Stevey's Google Platforms Rant

Google+ is a knee-jerk reaction, a study in short-term thinking, predicated on the incorrect notion that Facebook is successful because they built a great product. But that's not why they are successful. Facebook is successful because they built an entire constellation of products by allowing other people to do the work. So Facebook is different for everyone. Some people spend all their time on Mafia Wars. Some spend all their time on Farmville. There are hundreds or maybe thousands of different high-quality time sinks available, so there's something there for everyone.

Our Google+ team took a look at the aftermarket and said: "Gosh, it looks like we need some games. Let's go contract someone to, um, write some games for us." Do you begin to see how incredibly wrong that thinking is now? The problem is that we are trying to predict what people want and deliver it for them.

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Japanese Dental Salon Give Girls Crooked Teeth

Yaeba means double tooth in Japanese, but it doesn't describe major dental deformities, but rather the vampire-like look obtained when the two molars crowd the canines pushing them forward to create a fang effect.

Dr. Yoko Kashiyama and her staff at the Plaisir Dental Salon, in Ginza district, perform all kinds of cosmetic procedures, but yaeba is definitely among the most popular. Using non-permanent adhesive, she glues custom-made artificial teeth onto the natural canines to lengthen them and make them stand out.
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