Walking Dead webisodes 1-6

These are really good.

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DNA Lounge: Wherein we fix the roof to let in the daystar. Also photos.

We're doing some repairs on the roof of the pizza place. Maybe you haven't noticed, but there's a skylight in there, near the back wall of the main room. You might not have noticed because it has been covered in plywood, tar paper, and wishful thinking for several years. We're getting it fixed so that it is able to actually transmit light again. This is more of a pain in the ass than just replacing some broken glass, since the HVAC system penetrates the roof through the skylight, which means that all of that has to be disconnected first, then reconnected. Let's just say that, a decade or more ago, Bad Decisions Were Made. That's why there's a temporary plywood wall downstairs under the blower right now.

Photos of the latest Blow Up are up now -- as I think I've said before, the most photographically well-documented club the world has ever seen, OMG. As someone who tries to whittle these galleries down to a unified "reasonable" number, I find it somewhat overwhelming.

Have you picked out your costumes for the five consecutive nights we'll be open for your Halloween needs? You'd better. This is no holiday for the meek, you know.

May I introduce you to R. Black's newest creations: our Halloween flyers!

I imagine we'll have posters of these pretty soon. Get your Halloween tickets early -- lines will be long, and advance tickets get you priorty entry.

Also, DNA Pizza is hiring!