Wheelchair-bound hax0r extorts via webcam backdoors

Wow, this is like a fictionalization of every "don't click on attachments" warning you've ever read. Obviously you know how this happened, but I haven't read about someone being busted for doing it on a such a large scale before.

How an omniscient Internet "sextortionist" ruined the lives of teen girls

In the spring of 2009, a college student named Amy received an instant message from someone claiming to know her. Certainly, the person knew something about her--he was able to supply details about what her bedroom looked like and he had, improbably, nude photos of Amy. He sent the photos to her and asked her to have "Web sex" with him.

Instead, Amy contacted her boyfriend Dave, who had been storing the naked photos on his own computer. The two students exchanged instant messages about Amy's apparent stalker, trying to figure out what had happened. Soon after the exchange, each received a separate threat from the man. He knew what they had just chatted about, he warned, and they were not to take their story to anyone, including the police.

Amy, terrified by her stalker's eerie knowledge, contacted campus police. Officers were dispatched to her room, where they took down Amy's story and asked her questions about the incident. Soon after, Dave received more threats from the stalker because Amy had gone to the police--and the stalker knew exactly what she had said to them.

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