BART Police to Get Officer-Mounted Cameras

BART Police to Get Officer-Mounted Cameras

BART PD has launched a pilot program to give officers clip-on, ride-along cameras to permanently record future incidents.

Officers wearing the cameras won't be able to delete or tamper with the videos they shoot - that all has to be done back in the station once the video is downloaded to a computer. The only caveat is that the officer actually has to flip the camera on to begin recording.

All cops should be lowjacked and recorded 100% of the time that they are on duty. Why is this even controversial?

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SFPD's Selective Enforcement of Bike Commuters at Caltrain Station

SFPD's Selective Enforcement of Bike Commuters at Caltrain Station

SFPD were ticketing bicyclists riding on the sidewalk near the Caltrain station at 4th and King this morning. But they were not ticketing any of the drivers blocking the bike lane, which forces many bicyclists onto the sidewalk.

[...] When I asked if the officers were also enforcing the traffic laws against the taxis and private cars that double park and block the bike lanes leading to the station, forcing people who ride bikes to have to move into the traffic lanes, the officers stated they had been given instructions only to focus on bicyclists.

More from Streetsblog:

The bike lanes installed on Townsend Street on the north side of the Caltrain station were ushered in with quite the fanfare, just days after the permanent injunction against bike facilities was lifted in August, 2010. But this morning, like any other typical weekday (according to bike commuters I spoke to), the bike lane was at various times blocked by taxis, a Bud Light delivery truck, a shuttle bus and private automobiles. Some taxi drivers like to make sudden u-turns out of the taxi station, endangering bicyclists riding in the bike lane.

I can tell you from frequent personal experience that 90% of the taxis at that particular taxi stop begin their journey with an illegal u-turn through the bike lane and 4 lanes of traffic. Legality aside, the sidewalk is the safest place for a bicyclist to be, if they value their lives.

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XScreenSaver 5.15

XScreenSaver 5.15 is out now. Three new hacks this time, Hilbert, CompanionCube, and TronBit!

Looking back, it seems that I haven't written a new screen saver since 2008! (SkyTentacles, and the 3D rewrite of Sonar). But in the last three days, I wrote three new ones. Go figure.

(Well, a bit more than three days because I had a couple of false starts with Hilbert without getting anywhere, but once I turned the corner on that (see what I did there?) it came together pretty quickly.)

Hilbert's performance isn't fantastic at depths above 5 but whattayagonnado. Oddly, it starts grinding even in wireframe mode, and all the pain appears to be on the GL side. You'd think that drawing a couple million line segments wouldn't be that big a deal, here in the future.

I couldn't decide whether the Weighted Companion Cube should do the usual "spinny, wobbly" thing, or the BouncingCow thing, so it can do both. Before you complain, yes, I realize that multiple cubes is non-canon. Think of it as a fever dream.

You can now point your Image Directory at an RSS URL (e.g., Flickr) in the image-manipulating and slideshow hacks.

By mildly-popular demand, the MacOS DMG now also contains interactive stand-alone applications of Apple2 and Phosphor, so you can use them as retrocomputey terminal emulators, just like you can on Linux.

If you use Linux in a Japanese locale, please let me know whether the unlock dialog looks right, and whether you can use non-ASCII characters in your password.

I could also still use some confirmation of the installation instructions on Gnome 3 systems.

I finally bit the bullet and "upgraded" to XCode 4, which was a huge pain in the ass. I still find it largely incomprehensible, especially when it comes to adding or copying targets, but I figured I couldn't put it off forever. The most frustrating part about this is that XCode 4 has apparently gone out of its way to make it impossible to build MacOS 10.4 and/or PPC binaries (which XCode 3.2.6 was still able to do), which means that 10.5 Intel is now required. This bums me out, because I still have a mostly-functional hand-me-down PPC MacBook! It's not even that old, and now it's no longer possible to target software at it after only two OS revs? Madness. I live in dread of the endian-specific bugs that will sneak in now, but then, maybe it doesn't matter any more.

I don't have access to a 10.7 machine (I have the fear) but I'm told the savers work there.

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Today in Stormtrooper Couture


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Twilight Zone San Francisco

"Why Is Everybody Here? Doesn't anybody works in this town?"

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More pointy.

Previously, previously.

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Alba Prat

Alba Prat

Previously, previously, previously.

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I have solved your Halloween problem. Or your Death Guild problem.

Goth Face Mask 4

And if you were having an erection problem, I imagine I've solved that too.


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It's not often I get to use both my "music" and "furries" tags.

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K Flay

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