Hacking our ATM

Dear Lazyweb, we can't figure out how to load JPEGs into our ATM, can you help?

We have a Nautilus Hyosung NY-1800 ATM. We have the "NHpro" software, which supposedly will allow you to upload "advertising" images into it. These images are the slideshow that runs while the customer is waiting for it to do stuff. We want our logo there.

But when we upload the images, it seems to accept them, but instead of displaying the new images, it displays distorted versions of the default images with incorrect positioning an colors.

Do you know anyone with experience with this kind of ATM who could offer us some advice?

(Previously, but no longer relevant as this time we have a different manufacturer's ATM.)

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5 Responses:

  1. LafinJack says:

    You got a new ATM and you didn't make sure the new ones weren't green on black?!

    Also, feed me a stray cat, etc.

  2. Rick C says:

    This is probably what you get for not uploading your images in .bmp format.

  3. bcoley says:

    did you arrange the file folders in the specified arrangement required by the ATM to accept the files? The specifics are listed in your user manual. Rick C.....the ATM will only allow .jpg format. Also, there can be nothing else on the USB. Only the specified files indicated in the user manual.

    • jwz says:

      I think you're talking about the 1800-SE or -CE, not the model we have. The ATMs we have require a special data cable to talk to them and use PCX images, not JPG.

      • julian says:

        Check the bit-depth? I remember doing this to get boot screens customized on OSX. the system is only so smart before the OS fully loads.

        I'm sure to a green-screen using some random 80's format vintage PCX, the things we humans consider minor formatting changes, are less so. Can you pull the existing PCX, and divine its depth & pixels?