"Glamping". "Luxe-Nomadic".

For Burning Man, a Designer Airstream

The trailer, which they found on Craigslist for $5,000, has a working kitchen and a full bathroom, a living room, a bedroom and plenty of storage space. (Their budget for the entire project, including the trailer itself, was $20,000; as of this writing, what they actually spent had not been determined, but Ms. Horn said they had "gone way, way over budget.")

What was your vision for the Airstream interior?

It's this beautiful, serene, elephant gray environment that has all these nomadic touches, and it's really comfy and inviting.

What do you mean by nomadic touches?

The big thing is the Moorish influence -- we have Moorish arches that separate the spaces. I've chosen Moorish-inspired fabrics, and then we have some wonderful lanterns and other accessories that are Turkish- or Persian-inspired.

So the design elements are meant to evoke nomadic cultures, as opposed to "We got this couch because the fabric is durable and we're going to be tromping around in muddy boots"?

Actually, I have one bucket outside for muddy boots, and one bucket that you rinse your feet in before you come in. So yes, nomadic is about bringing in all the different cultures that were at some point or another, or still are, nomadic. But it isn't really built to withstand a serious nomadic living situation. It's luxe-nomadic.

Are the buckets part of the design?

They are. They're galvanized buckets. They have to travel inside and then just be pulled out.

Most of the work you do is for clients with large homes. This must have been a big change for you.

I picked this gorgeous bamboo floor that I was just in love with. Well, we get the sample, and just one small piece of it was incredibly heavy. I loved it, I was so excited about it, I was all ready to order it. And Justin said, "It's gorgeous, but we can't use it. I can tell right now that by the square foot it's going to be too heavy. You can't add 500 pounds to this thing, the whole thing only weighs a few thousand."


4 Responses:

  1. MattyJ says:

    The Moops. The answer is, The Moops.

  2. Elusis says:

    We installed a fabulous, heavy-duty recirculating air-conditioner — it recirculates the air from the inside, and doesn’t bring in any air from the outside. That was something we specifically did for Burning Man.

    What could possibly go wrong?

  3. jope says:

    "Her first foray into camping"

    Baby-steps, indeed.

  4. The Onion could not have produced a more perfect Burning Man story.