Face Substitution

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  1. Ben Brockert says:

    Am, the first video I saw of it I thought they were projecting the correction image onto the person's face. Here they're obviously just doing it on the computer, which is far less interesting.

    Why is the forehead not included?

    • joe says:

      yeah tracking facial features in realtime and mapping new textures onto them also in realtime with reasonable lighting is really just uninteresting. i'm sure it's something you did this morning before making breakfast.

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  3. LafinJack says:

    A couple related problems: this post and the Amon Tobin post appear merged on the blog page, comments are disabled on the Tobin post, and the LJ mirror of the Tobin post doesn't link back to the original post.

    • jwz says:

      Fixed, thanks. Don't know what went wrong with LJ, and mostly don't care.

      • Ben Brockert says:

        Random: I was sufficiently bored lately to re-read the entire archives from 2002 through 2006. 1. Are you still interested in alternative space launch solutions? You haven't mentioned space elevators in some time. 2. Do blog posts still end up on gruntle? I re-read gruntle earlier this year and couldn't remember any recent stuff there. I suppose gruntle itself suggests not, but I was wondering why. It was sort of a self selected best-of. 3. Have you read Neal Stephenson's new book? I heard it's not as good, but possibly shorter.

        • jwz says:

          0:you are a crazy person. That could be toxic. You may need to eat some charcoal now or something.

          1: I am interested in a hypothetical future where humanity has a space program of some kind, yes.

          2: Not really. I had been archiving my year-end wrap-ups there, but that always seemed kind of out of place. I should probably make some other kind of index for the less-ephemeral blog posts, but I'm not sure how to organize that yet.

          3. I haven't. I made it 200 pages into the Ben Franklin one and gave up on him because *nothing* had happened yet. He's really the poster child for "why writers need editors." someone has to say "stop!" at some point.

          • Elusis says:

            Re: 3 - oh thank god, it wasn't just me.

            At some point my interest level had devolved to the point that I was reading two pages, falling asleep, and having to re-read 1.5 pages the next night because they hadn't stuck in my memory. About a month in, it occurred to me that this was an unsustainable pace for a 1000+ page book.

            I was recently tempted to give it a go again, but... then I wasn't.

          • Ben Brockert says:

            0: I'll go for chelation, stat.

            1: Good to know. Did you see SpaceX's latest? Still just rockets, but not throwing them away every flight. I work on reusable sounding rockets, which is similar but on a smaller scale.

            2. Oh ah.

            3. Baroque is a long set of books, and Ben Franklin isn't even a major character, which shows how long it goes. Anathem wasn't nearly as bad, and is actually scifi, but the ending is entirely "I have a science-y idea and I'm going to use my book to explain it, even though it makes for some boring dialogue." This new one Reamde is supposed to be more like the older books. I'll probably read it on the plane this weekend.

            4. I'm vacationing in SF on Monday through Wednesday, and unfortunately I'm not into goth or metal. Anything else going on you think is interesting?

            • jwz says:

              3. "It wasn't nearly as bad as the last one" is just about the only review I hear of his stuff lately, so why would I bother?

              4. I'm afraid not...