Surprise! Facebook doesn't like privacy countermeasures

German tech-news site Heise changed their "Like" buttons to be locally-hosted images that only transform into real Facebook "Like" buttons once you click them -- meaning that if you don't click anything, Facebook can't track you, and that actually "liking" the page requires two clicks. (Also presumably meaning that the page loads way faster.)

Facebook responds:

"The manner in which have incorporated the Like Button violates our Platform Policies" Tina Kulow said of Facebook to heise online. Policies in these states:

8th You must not use or make derivative use of Facebook icons, or use terms for Facebook features and functionality, if such use could confuse users into thinking that the reference is to Facebook features or functionality.

Loosely translated, one must use one that is only for Facebook icon Facebook features. This is precisely the 2-click solution to the case. The only difference from conventional solutions is that these buttons before transferring any data to an explicit activation Facebook. How exactly violate this privacy-friendly 2-click solution to this paragraph shall is not yet clear. Facebook has also mentioned in our article on the occasion of the Web site of the radio station SWR3 asked to remove their similarly implemented, privacy-friendly 2-click solution.

If it hadn't occurred to you yet that Facebook cares far more about the "Like" buttons that you don't click than about the ones that you do -- there you go.

I had been considering doing this two-click thing solely to speed up my page loads. I find myself somewhat more motivated to do so now. (Though it still sounds like kind of a pain in the butt.)

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Nesquik bunny dances to patriotic Jesus

Nesquik bunny dances to patriotic Jesus

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"Glamping". "Luxe-Nomadic".

For Burning Man, a Designer Airstream

The trailer, which they found on Craigslist for $5,000, has a working kitchen and a full bathroom, a living room, a bedroom and plenty of storage space. (Their budget for the entire project, including the trailer itself, was $20,000; as of this writing, what they actually spent had not been determined, but Ms. Horn said they had "gone way, way over budget.")

What was your vision for the Airstream interior?

It's this beautiful, serene, elephant gray environment that has all these nomadic touches, and it's really comfy and inviting.

What do you mean by nomadic touches?

The big thing is the Moorish influence -- we have Moorish arches that separate the spaces. I've chosen Moorish-inspired fabrics, and then we have some wonderful lanterns and other accessories that are Turkish- or Persian-inspired.

So the design elements are meant to evoke nomadic cultures, as opposed to "We got this couch because the fabric is durable and we're going to be tromping around in muddy boots"?

Actually, I have one bucket outside for muddy boots, and one bucket that you rinse your feet in before you come in. So yes, nomadic is about bringing in all the different cultures that were at some point or another, or still are, nomadic. But it isn't really built to withstand a serious nomadic living situation. It's luxe-nomadic.

Are the buckets part of the design?

They are. They're galvanized buckets. They have to travel inside and then just be pulled out.

Most of the work you do is for clients with large homes. This must have been a big change for you.

I picked this gorgeous bamboo floor that I was just in love with. Well, we get the sample, and just one small piece of it was incredibly heavy. I loved it, I was so excited about it, I was all ready to order it. And Justin said, "It's gorgeous, but we can't use it. I can tell right now that by the square foot it's going to be too heavy. You can't add 500 pounds to this thing, the whole thing only weighs a few thousand."


"Hey Freak! We're the Hell's Nixons!"

DC Fifty-Too:

"Turned into Vampire Batgirl Lois, WTF?"


Hacking our ATM

Dear Lazyweb, we can't figure out how to load JPEGs into our ATM, can you help?

We have a Nautilus Hyosung NY-1800 ATM. We have the "NHpro" software, which supposedly will allow you to upload "advertising" images into it. These images are the slideshow that runs while the customer is waiting for it to do stuff. We want our logo there.

But when we upload the images, it seems to accept them, but instead of displaying the new images, it displays distorted versions of the default images with incorrect positioning an colors.

Do you know anyone with experience with this kind of ATM who could offer us some advice?

(Previously, but no longer relevant as this time we have a different manufacturer's ATM.)

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And you will know my name is THE LORD when I EXTERMINATE ALL RATIONAL THOUGHT.

@markov_bible is relevant to my interests:

The wings of the Canaanites, saw the chief priests, and of Asaph were in the battle, so shall they cast lots, ward against ward.

David, that Abner made himself of them, seeing he hath commanded to bring Christ down from the end of praying all this was done.

Syrians came with the lamb, let him be unto thee, Until seven times: And it fell on stony ground; who, when they had understood the thing.

Nevertheless such shall be Shelumiel the son of Allon, the son of man, behold, they be in those days! But if we hear that there is hope.

In those days shall ye be not destroyed out of the sea! for the multitude of cattle: and when thou thyself in times past to be comforted.

God, hear the word of the Samaritans of that which shall be overthrown: but these are his work.

I will also persecute you; if they come unto thee, and bring her forth of Babylon.

Let them set a graven image that is done under the fig tree shall eat the fat valley, shall be the breadth twenty cubits.

Jesus called his name Noah, saying, Go forth unto the gates, to sanctify them to Jerusalem.

And them that seek their life: Let thistles grow instead of a beryl: and they were in the country which Joshua left when he saw her.

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