"What could go wrong?"

Sushi Popper

"A portable tube with fresh pre-sliced sushi that is pushed up from bottom and eaten from top."


11 Responses:

  1. Acheron says:

    Well, none of the currently available types have raw fish ingredients, so probably not any riskier than a street meat vendor.

    • Karellen says:

      none of the currently available types have raw fish ingredients

      Well, no, but why would they? That would be insane.

      probably not any riskier than a street meat vendor

      I'd have thought that comparing it to prepacked chilled meat snacks - like Peperami - would be more appropriate.

      Mmm....Peperami sushi. Aaghghg!

  2. Qtrnevermore says:

    Meat & bacon pops I assume are on the way as well?

  3. What could go wrong? Well, they could blindly repeat all tweets mentioning @sushipopper on their main page. That would inspire confidence in the product.

  4. 205guy says:

    Re: peperami, in Hawaii, you can get Spam musubi (slice of spam on block of rice, all wrapped in nori) at the hot food bars of most grocery stores and gas station food marts.

  5. piku says:

    "Sushi Popper rolls are typically made fresh daily and sold that day. Our strict quality standards combined with the use of automated sushi manufacturing equipment ensures that all our Sushi Popper rolls are consistent wherever you buy them. Through specialized techniques we also have the capability to freeze Sushi Popper rolls and deliver them frozen around the country where they need only be left out for two hours at room temperature to be eaten."

    So they make them fresh (good), but then allow them to be frozen (not so bad). With the frozen ones you just have to "leave them out for a few hours at room temperature". Sounds botulistic. Although this is the same planet where they managed to turn yoghurt into a bar and cheese into strings.