The asteroids thought they could strike without repercussions. They were wrong.

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  1. Chris Davies says:

    Why is that dino-sperm fertilising that aster-ovum?

  2. Sheilagh says:

    Differently awesome/fun .. has this crossed your radar yet?

  3. 205guy says:

    Prior Art: page 58 of "Attack of the Deranged Mutant Killer Monster Snow Goons"

    Calvin: Take a look at this. Wouldn't you say this is a great drawing?

    Calvin: I mean, can you *believe* my teacher didn't like it?! She said it wasn't "serious"!

    Calvin: By golly, if this isn't serious art, then nothing is! Who set Miss Wormwood up as an arbiter of aesthetics anyway? This is a beautiful work of power and depth!

    Hobbes: It's a stegosaurus in a rocket ship, right?

    Calvin: See? *You* understand it!
    Sorry for the lack of visual, I don't want to bother with an image (hey I did still type it all in with an iPhone). In any case, Calvin's drawing is barely visible in the strip, it's an intellectual gag (like so much of C&H, my 5-year-old doesn't get it yet).

    Is there anything worthwhile

  4. 205guy says:

    Sorry, iPhone ate the rest of my comment:

    Is there any worthwhile topic not covered by Calvin and Hobbes or xkcd?

  5. DFB says:

    Why is there not a "protect planet from cometary destruction" progress-beaker on this chart?

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