Tax Questions from the Future

Does gay marriage include corporate persons, or is it still discriminatorily phrased so as to exclude legal persons who happen to not be made of meat?

Let's say General Dynamics and Katy Perry love each other very much, travel to New York and get hitched. Is that legal even though one of them is still incorporated in Delaware? And does the other one get a deduction in California?

My uh, friend really needs to know.

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  1. furia_krucha says:

    Don't forget the right to vote and to be elected too.

  2. Jeff says:

    The thing that horrifies me about corporations being "legal persons" is that I can't help but think we're one step closer to a Jim Carrey movie becoming reality.

  3. LafinJack says:

    Charlie Stross has probably written extensively about this somewhere.

    • NotTheBuddha says:

      The mechanical people in SATURN'S CHILDREN get their personhood by being property of their own corporation, but Steigler and Delaney did it first: VALENTINA: SOUL IN SAPPHIRE was nominated for the 1984 Hugo.

  4. Jon Konrath says:

    It's considered rude to mention that a corporation decided to wear white to a wedding despite their negative EDGAR filings.

  5. DC Dan says:

    Does this also mean that killing a corporation will fall under euthanasia laws?

  6. Shay says:

    You know, I always appreciate your "previously" links.

  7. DFB says:

    Corporations have no gender, so any laws pertaining to sex, gender, or marriage do not apply to them unless they are mergers and acquisitions laws, rules or regulations.

    Off topic: ref.:

  8. Huey says:

    Please pass along my best wishes to the future Mrs. Katy Dynamics.

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