Fukushima Robot Diaries

Robot Operator Writes Tell-All Blog

An anonymous worker at Japan's Fukushima Dai-ichi nuclear power plant has written dozens of blog posts describing the ups and downs of his experience as one of the lead robot operators at the crippled facility.

Since the earthquake hit, S.H. wrote one or more posts on a daily basis. Early last month, however, after word of the blog began circulating among Japanese Twitter users and bloggers, all posts related to the robot work were deleted (the blog included posts on other topics as well). Not long after, the entire blog disappeared. It's unclear whether TEPCO or S.H.'s supervisors demanded that the material be removed. Efforts to reach S.H. were unsuccessful. [...]

Below are portions excerpted from nearly 50 robot-related posts that S.H. published on his blog, covering a period from late April to early July 2011. This translation attempts to remain as close to the original text as possible, as well as preserve the author's style and tone.

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