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Mhoye writes:

This came to me the other day when a friend of mine was talking about some acquaintances of theirs who'd driven across Africa, including through the Sudan: some people in some places really, really need a GPS that talks to them like the Fact Sphere from Portal 2.

"The situation you are in is very dangerous. Turn left in 200 meters."

"Proceed straight for 500 meters. The likelihood of you dying within the next two kilometers is 87.61%. You are about to get me killed. If you proceed along this route, we will both die because of your negligence. The Fact Sphere is not defective. Its facts are wholly accurate, and very interesting."

"The route you have chosen spans three kilometers of elevation and two war zones. This is a bad plan. You will fail. Violently. Turn right in 100 meters. If you continue on this road at this speed, you will be dead soon."

"The situation is hopeless. Take the next right turn. You could stand to lose a few pounds."

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2 Responses:

  1. MZ MegaZone says:

    Just give it time.

    And yeah, I know people who could use this just driving around their own cities. I was driving around with my then-gf years ago and we were passing through a rougher area of town and she saw a guy leaning on a car gesture to us, and wanted me to stop.

    I had to point out a) he had a handgun, b) there was a guy in the passenger seat of the car he was leaning on with what looked like a longarm of some kind, probably a shotgun, and c) they were almost certainly drug dealers thinking we were a potential sale. She was quite surprised. If I wasn't driving I would've face-palmed.

  2. mhoye says:

    In hindsight, I wish I'd put this picture in instead: