Dear Architects: never, ever do this.

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  1. Ian Young says:

    It's like the inverse of that scene in The Fountainhead, where they add the Classical facade to Roark's bold International sky-scraper. "Let's make this flourish look more like a French prison. French prisons are the new thing".

    Also, why the fuck is "French Prison" the new look? It's like Mies Van Der Rohe was raised in the wild by cinderblocks.

  2. It's leaving me puzzled as to just what effect they were going for, or even what semi-rational reason they could possibly have had for doing that.

    • Studer says:


      • I can see the use in additional anchor points to stop it swaying everywhere, but crushing your guests under heavy perspex cylinders is typically considered an interior design no-no.

    • Jeremiah Blatz says:

      My assumption is that they were originally pretty chandeliers, but then people kept on throwing things up into them, so rather than replacing them with something attractive that met their needs, they made them ugly.

  3. Ed Marshall says:

    There's a fondue place in Saratoga I took my wife to a couple of weeks ago that has a similar thing going on around the chandeliers: "wraps" around them with highly-reflective inward surfaces, causing no end of nausea the moment my eyes saw the reflections.

    Good eats, but fuckmewtf who thought it was a good idea to do that in a place where you're expected to keep your food down?

  4. Art Delano says:

    Is there really that much a problem with people swinging from the chandeliers there?

  5. jwz says:

    The comments are reacting to the horror of the chandeliers, because the photos do not adequately capture the complementary horror of the wood panelling.

  6. fantasygoat says:

    These "lights inside round shades" thing seems to be all the rage in the Douchebag Decorator's manual lately. See also a return to 80's chrome and harsh monochromatic paisley.

  7. Brian B says:

    Catalog Living is on the job:

    "Gary detested the new birdcage light fixtures so much that he accepted Elaine’s sarcastic challenge to come up with something better."