Companion Cube Soap

Companion Cube Soap

Feel a little guilty about euthanizing your faithful companion cube more quickly than any test subject on record? Wash away the guilt with a soap that is weighted with love and will never threaten to stab you, and in fact, cannot speak!*

Rest assured that an independent panel of ethicists has absolved you of any moral responsibility for the companion cube soap euthanizing process.

Cake scented lie....

Approximately 6.50 oz / 185 g each Measures 2.25" x 2.25" x 2.25"

* The Enrichment Center reminds you that the Companion Cube cannot speak. In the event that the Companion Cube Soap does speak, the Enrichment Center urges you to disregard its advice.


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  1. Jon Konrath says:

    Not to be confused with cube companion soap, which is what you give the person you share a corporate veal pen with because they stink.

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