And then this happened.


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6 Responses:

  1. NotTheBuddha says:

    So...JWZ becomes infatuated with the MILFy Goth, takes a picture of a first aid kit because he associates medical supplies with condoms, and this turns out to foreshadow her finger injuries, shown bandaged in the above photo?

    I've heard pitches with worse narratives.

  2. erinn says:

    I'm astounded that she is wearing that thing around her neck. Judging your sartorial choices right now, E.

  3. DFB says:

    Did she properly follow maritime rules? The first time I had the wheel of a sailboat, I freaked out approaching a larger boat head on in traffic during the regatta, but I've never had trouble with powered boats.

  4. suitifiable says:

    I want to smell her panties.