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Domain-squatting parasites not interested in haggling, apparently.

From: Jamie Zawinski <>
Date: Wed, Aug 10, 2011 at 1:50 AM

How much do you want for the domain?

From: "Dean Tripodes" <>
To: "Jamie Zawinski" <>
Subject: Re:
Date: Wed, 10 Aug 2011 15:59:53 -0700
Organization: Baywalk Web Development

Hi Jamie,

All our prices are online

$9,995 purchase with escrow through, or $995 / year lease by credit card.

Dean Tripodes _______________________________________________
Baywalk Web Development / Baywalk Domains
(800) 927-8841
(626) 792-9400

Subject: Re:
From: Jamie Zawinski <>
Date: Wed, 10 Aug 2011 16:25:41 -0700
To: Dean Tripodes <>


How about $200 to buy it outright?

And he didn't even write back!

We're supposed to haggle! "Ten for that you must be mad! It's worth ten if it's worth a shekel!"

Oh well. I might have gone as high as $250.

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Update: For the record -- and do know that every time I say "for the record" what I am really saying is, "I thought this was blindingly obvious without me having to actually say it" -- I already have a domain that is the same as the official name of my business,

I had a passing interest in getting "" as well to use as a redirector, just because "that might be nice to have". It turns out that, to me, "that might be nice to have" is worth a couple hundred bucks, tops.

Rather than taking my offier, this guy would prefer to hold out hope that someone, someday, will pay him ten grand for this domain. Well, good luck to him with that. (And for the record, when I say "good luck with that" I actually mean something entirely else).

People who are in the business of buying domains in bulk in the speculative hope that some day one of those domains will sell for enough to cover the cost of all the others are vile parasites and should be ashamed of themselves. They are of the same ilk as the "SEO experts" who set up fake blogs with copies of Wikipedia and newspaper abstracts to get google juice for their ads. Yes, the market as it exists is structured such that this is a lucrative business, and it's a legal loophole to exploit. They are still rent-seeking scum who siphon pennies from the real economy while providing no value to anybody (except possibly the Google Adwords department, who doubtless love them dearly).

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Zoologically improbable and/or terrifying to small children.

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Boltzmann Brain soon available in Bronze.

I must say, I have a powerful need for a Bronze Jumping Brain. A powerful need.

Jumping Brain goes XL Bronze:

Emilio Garcia will be presenting a Polished Bronze and a Black and Bronze version of its celebrated Jumping Brain, each will be a limited edition of 10 and is expected to cost $6,000 or 4,000€. This XL piece weighs over 17Lbs and measures 8.5 x 17 x 13.3 inches and will be presented in a nice wooden box.

...but not an $8600 need.


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