In The Smurfs trailer, one of them exclaims "Oh my Smurf!"

This opens some serious theological questions for me.


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  1. Eric TF Bat says:

    I have a theory that the Smurfs become much more interesting if you assume that every use of the word "smurf" really means "fuck". I would test this, but it would require that I watch episodes, and I don't think I can risk the long-term brain damage. Others are welcome to do so and report back, of course... though probably not here.

  2. bode says:

    This is amusing if only for how seriously they take it:

    The Rules of Smurfdom

    It took several years to get the movie approved by the copyright owners/lawyers. My Smurf! As Morse would have said, "What Hath Smurf Wrought?"

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