ShareMeNot is a Firefox add-on designed to prevent third-party buttons (such as the Facebook “Like” button or the Twitter “tweet” button) embedded by sites across the Internet from tracking you until you actually click on them. ShareMeNot does this without completely removing the buttons from the web experience.

Did you know that buttons like these allow Facebook, Google, LinkedIn, and others to track your online browsing activities on every site that includes one of these buttons, even if you never click the buttons and even if you have third-party cookies disabled?

The FAQ explains why this is somewhat more complicated to accomplish than what ad-blockers generally do.

I wish there was a Safari version.

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8 Responses:

  1. cbauer says:

    Incognito extension does this for Safari:

    You probably also want a real cookie manager to deal with Flash etc. cookies:

  2. There is... Ghostery does this if you configure it properly. I block everything except Google Analytics, Google Adwords and Disqus.

  3. This is why when Facebook implemented the "like" button, I canceled my account and blocked at the router. Sorry, but tracking me online is too much information for Facebook to be having.

  4. Is there a similar app for Chrome?

    • Chad Chabot says:

      It is completely unlikely that there will be a [blessed or endorsed] feature for Chrome, as Google is, at heart, an advertising company. They would be foolish to disable the primary means by which they gather data to build consumer profiles.

  5. Nick Lamb says:

    And since JWZ and several other people reading actually host sites which use such buttons, here's how you can offer more or less the same functionality without being evil:

    (Disclaimer: this is a 20% time project for at least one person at the company where I work)