In an uncharacteristic dalliance with clarity, Barry Andrews explains what Nemesis is actually about.

Normally I always plead the artistic 5th ('if I could explain it I wouldn't have had to write it etc etc') but in this case, quite rarely for the Shrieks, there was a pretty clear agenda which -I dunno- I would have thought was pretty comprehensible -especially with the video spelling it out. Still, I hated the idea of all this incredible clarity going to waste so I thought I'd turn on the demystifiers. For 'any who think such elucidation..worth the trouble' as Eliot says in his notes to the Wasteland -Eliot who is quoted by Col. Kurtz in Apocalypse Now (see below).

Please note this is far from the last bit of arty pretentious cross-referencing you'll be hearing in this piece.

Oh yeah, there was one guy (on the YouTube comments) who thought the video was '80's Baroque' (which I thought was quite good) but also that it was a case of chucking a load of images more or less randomly at the screen and hoping for the best. Now, hold it right there, sunshine...

Here's the skinny, the hard word on Nemesis, the song and the video.

Incidentally, do any of you have a decent copy of their 1987 concert film, Jungle of the Senses? There's a crappy rip of it on Youtube, but part 2 is blocked by pigfuckers UMG. There's a torrent, but no seeds.

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  1. pmr says:

    For all the others that live in one of those digital third world countries Vimeo. The second video is what you are after.

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