jwz mixtape 102

Please enjoy jwz mixtape 102. It's a little mellower than usual.

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  1. Ben Combee says:

    Just tried out an experiment with the latest Mixtape playlist running on my Touchpad; it worked pretty well. It worked best if you hold on the link to copy it to the clipboard then open it on the YouTube site -- that allows more videos to play (some are already getting blocked from embedding), and it gives you the option of playing full screen, which greatly improves Flash performance on the device, since it then doesn't have to composite the output into a webpage.

    It's nice having them all playing back on a little ambient display next to my main computer monitors, and the sound is fairly good, definitely better than my laptop.

    Favorite so far has been the Warpaint video, but the Minuit song was nice and chanty too.

    • jwz says:

      WTF? They were all embeddable last night! I checked!

      • Ben Combee says:

        The first one, a VEVO-provided video, didn't work in the popup window on Touchpad, but maybe it's a user-agent or referred thing, as I just saw it work on desktop. I just get "This video contains content from Vevo. It is restricted from playback on certain sites".

        Could be a mobile Flash bug too. Not something to worry about too much.