Dental Realdoll has been taught to choke.

"It can blink, roll its eyes, sneeze, shake its head, cough, move its tongue, and get tired of keeping its mouth open."

"People choke if you put your fingers down their throat, which is called the gag reflex. We've reproduced that reflex. We've built a choking capability into this robot."

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4 Responses:

  1. DFB says:

    Version 2, doctor and/or patient, trained by working on each other, and [a singularity miracle occurs here] branching off into a self-replicating new species.

  2. Acheron says:

    I work at a university that trains nurses, and there's a whole lab of Gaumard training dolls of every type: babies, pregnant ones, adults, kids, all sitting around mouths agape and slack-eyed on their hospital beds. Walking in there when the lights are off to work in the server closet that runs them all is seriously creepy.

  3. BB says:

    Somehow I think most gynoids in the future will be built without the gag reflex option.

  4. Adolf Osborne says:

    If I can order one of these with artificial tonsils and no teeth, I'm completely sold.

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