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DNA Lounge: Wherein the NASCARization of the web continues.

I understand all the cool kids are switching from Facebook to Google+ now, so I went and added "+1" buttons everywhere I had "Like" buttons before.

Man, that shit is hideous. But we gotta do it.

I'm not sure how useful Google+ will be from a business point of view, since they seem to have no analogue of Facebook's "fan pages". So while we have a stub of a presence on Google+ via our "Google Places" entry, I guess, which lets people "check in" and whatnot, there doesn't seem to be any mechanism for a business to communicate to their customers. On Facebook, when I post something to the DNA Lounge page, everyone who has "Liked" us sees it in their feed, but as far as I can tell, there's nothing like that on Google+.

I also slapped an animation on the front page hyping our merch, because, hey, why not. Go buy some shirts or dog tags, ok? Yeah, it's the second decade of the Twenty-First Century and I'm still making anim-GIFs. That tech's got some legs.


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