Jellyfish Sap our Atomic Essence, again

Jellyfish Invade Four Nuclear Reactors in Japan, Israel, Scotland

Four nuclear reactors in Japan, Israel and Scotland were forced to shutdown due to infiltration of enormous swarms of jellyfish, which clogged the plant's cooling system.

Earlier this week, the Orot Rabin nuclear power plant in Hadera, Israel was forced to shutdown when a swarm of jellyfish blocked the plant's water supply which is used as a coolant.

The string of jellyfish surges began a week before with a reactor in Shimane, Japan. And in a week's time two reactors at Torness power station, operated by EDF, in Scotland had to be shutdown as the seawater used as coolant was inundated with jellyfish.

And, the Twit of Inevitability:

@UKNukeJellyfish A cooling pool? Sounds like a great place to chill.
@UKNukeJellyfish Why do my tentacles feel all tingly?
@UKNukeJellyfish Is it getting brighter in here or is it just me? Wait. It is just me!
@UKNukeJellyfish Feeling. Strange. Powerful. I. Am. Jellyfish. Nuclear Jellyfish!
@UKNukeJellyfish The power flows through me. Nothing can stop me now. Your puny world will be mine!
@UKNukeJellyfish Time to destroy you puny humans! OK, what's around here to destroy? You will feel my sting Dunbar, Scotland!
@UKNukeJellyfish You will all soon bow to your gelatinous zooplankton ruler!


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