Glow-in-the-dark printing: unpossible!

We still don't have a new batch of DNA stickers or business cards because I insisted that this time, they have to glow in the dark.

You are hopefully aware that our economical and stylish DNA Lounge t-shirts glow in the dark. The way this works is, they are actually a two-color screen-print. The black shirt has the image printed on it in the proper green color, and then a second layer is printed over that with the "glow" ink, which is actually a transparent ink with the magic glowy pixie-dust mixed in. (Possibly it's made from unicorns and not pixies, I'm not entirely clear on that.)

Everyone we have talked to so far has said that this can't be done on paper. Either they claim ignorance of having ever heard of glow-in-the-dark ink, or they say that the glow ink used on shirts is too thick to go through an inkjet or whatever-it-is that they print stickers with.

It seems that everyone who advertises an ability to print glow-in-the-dark on paper (stickers, business cards, etc.) actually do this by printing opaque ink on glow-in-the-dark vinyl, masking out the areas that don't glow.

The problem is, that gets you the usual pale-yellow glow color that you're used to seeing on cheap toys. I need green, not yellow. Like we have on the shirts.

I guess our only option at this point is to find someone willing to silkscreen our stickers and cards?

I can't that believe something so obvious (again) turns out to be so hard.

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