The Internet Provides.

Every now and then, the Internet's Great Ovipositor squirts out some new kink that I didn't know existed. In this case, Japanese girls licking doorknobs.

I still haven't lost that sense of wonder.



9 Responses:

  1. Elusis says:

    I hate you, Milkman Jamie.

  2. Namey says:

    Rule 34. No exceptions.

  3. 205guy says:

    I don't know what rule we're up to now, but I propose: all comment threads devolve into a topic in xkcd.

    He certainly has a self-referential meta comic too, but I'm too lazy to look it up now.

  4. Phil says:

    The "Internet's Great Ovipositor" is a compelling visual that I wish I could unsee.

  5. woods says:

    "I still haven't lost that sense of wonder."

    Amen to that, man...amen to that.

  6. blainemono says:

    I see your red door and I want to lick its knob?

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