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I need to come up with a "sandwich" logo.

So, there's this:
And, there's this:

And I recently made this, which I'm not totally happy with, but it kind of matches:

But now I need a logo in this style that communicates "Sandwich". And I am having a hell of a time coming up with anything. I'm finding it hard to say "Sandwich" without something that's far more complex and realistic-looking than these abstract glyphs, which makes it look very out of place next to them.

Suggestions, please?

Useful suggestions will be in the form of images or sketches, not words...

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99 Responses:

  1. Maybe giving up on the glyph and just going with some silly text like SAMMICH could work?

    • Noah says:

      I like this one so far.

    • jwz says:

      It looks like a sandwich, but it doesn't look anything like the other graphical elements. Except, you know, being green.

      • Sean B says:

        Actually it looks to me like the pizza and coffee logos are themselves already pretty different from the DNA logo -- the latter is pseudo-3D with multiple overlapping lines and interior detail, whereas the pizza and coffee are super-flat, more traditional icons. While the proposed sandwich isn't really as stylized as the DNA logo, it's more in the style of the DNA logo than most of the other proposals below, which are more in the style of the pizza.

      • Hadlock says:

        isometric sandwich, or "sandvich" as valve calls it in TF2

        GIS for "tf2 sandvich" for more inspiration

  2. Juanjo says:

    Not the best sandwitch ever, but may be it helps:

  3. crwbot says:

    google image search for "sandwich diagram" yielded a few things that looked like they could be easily adapted into icons. at first i tried "blown up sandwich" to try to find a tufte-ian sandwich diagram but that yielded unexpected results with SafeSearch off. ugh.

  4. Simon says:

    How do the sandwiches at your place look like? Triangular? Club-style?

  5. Enid says: = VERY quick sketch. I was going for a light texture on the bread, but it looks sort of moldy now. I like pickles & it helps convey a sense of "we're looking from above" but if you don't serve pickles that won't work for you...

    I think if your coffee cup was a little more angular, it would fit better.

    • Enid says:

      This links to a more angular cup, not perfect but you get where I'm going with it.

      • gryazi says:

        I think the trick to matching it up visually may be to put a 'chip' in the rim of the cup in the same manner the edges of the pizza slice are treated.

        My weak Inkscape skills are on hiatus during it's-still-business-hours here, though.

        • Enid says:

          Yes! But not the rim of the cup (unsanitary). I'd go for chips in the left edge of the cup and the bottom edge of the saucer.

          • gryazi says:

            I was thinking notching sides would make it look less like a vessel that can hold liquid, and therefore less identifiable. And this is all stylized Californian decay anyway, not the organic free-range east-coast stuff, so I'm sure the imaginary chip has been glazed and polished and reviewed and permitted by the appropriate agencies.

    • Jorm says:

      Yeah, this is closer to what I'd suggest.

    • jwz says:

      I think that "a slice of bread" reads as "bakery", not "sandwich".

      • the hatter says:

        May be easier to rezone the premises as a bakery than find a suitable sandwich logo. Slice of bread with some shapes sticking out from the edge would be less ambiguous, but less helpful from the pictures-not-words perspective.

        the hatter

  6. jim says:

    The platonic commercial sandwich: cut on the diagonal, with an olive on a toothpick

  7. pjz says:

    Done in < 15 mins in the gimp, but it gets the idea across.

    • MZ MegaZone says:

      I was thinking something like this - but simpler. Two slabs for 'bread', maybe just the wavy 'filling' - but with an Olive-on-a-stick on top, just for that special touch.

  8. mediapathic says:

    I'll have you know, when T read this, she said to me "Hey, you're a graphic designer! Sudo make me a sandwich!".

  9. Ben Brockert says:

    Isometric exploded sandwich diagram. Except more exploded than this, and less shitty.

    The DNA logo has some 3D-ness to it, with the edge lines on the helix. The pizza and coffee are a bit too simple, in comparison.

    • Noah says:

      If nothing else, "isometric exploded sandwich" will be the new name for my band.

  10. Simon says:

    another sandwich:

    With a little bit of tweaking it also is a flat-head alien approaching you in a munching manner... :)

    • Ian Young says:

      While I am partial to mine, this one has the "2D affect" that the others have. Mine's more Irix Magic Desktop.

    • Simon says:

      Actually it feels a little bit overstuffed. Here is another go, this time filled with freshly plucked sine waves:

      • Jorm says:

        Go with this one, only make it a DNA helix inside the bread.

        • Simon says:

          I think DNA inside won't work. This icon already borders on the "too detailed" side when compared to the other icons, there is no way that you'll stuff a recognizable DNA inside without totally disrupting the icon style.

          • Jorm says:

            I don't think it has to be *immediately* recognizable as a helix; more like the suggestion of one (which you're, like, 90% of the way there). Just add some vertical lines inside of your . . . lettuce? Ingredients? and you'll be there.

            Compare to the original DNA logo, which is actually more complex (visually) than you've got here.

            I'd throw together an example but, you know. I've had some whiskey, and I've been thinkin'.

            • Sam says:

              Uh, excuse me, waiter sir: I've got some DNA in my sandwich...

            • hattifattener says:

              You could stretch and pointify the lettuce a little to make it more reminiscent of the DNA helix element.

              I like this one a lot because the divots in the bun match the general divottiness of the ring. The coffee-cup logo looks mismatched to me because the cup is too clean compared to all the other graphics.

      • Matt says:

        I like this one a lot - simple to print, clean lines, and easily understood.

      • Elusis says:

        Love this one.

      • ben says:

        If I saw that sign I would assume there was yakisoba pan for sale.

    • fantasygoat says:

      This one is my fave so far.

  11. spoonyfork says:

    Most signs that depict a sandwich use two more colors to communicate the different components such as bread, lettuce, and meat. What is the available color pallet, just basement computer lab green?

  12. Charlie says:

    Choosy moms choose sandwiches made of right-handed DNA.

  13. Laura Rubin says:

    I am waiting for someone to riff on the Team Fortress sandwich. It's actually a pretty good iconization,.

  14. kemar says:

    Fat sandwich VS

  15. Jason says:

    I think you should lose the stink lines on the coffee

  16. NelC says:

    Here's my attempt:

    But I think Simon's with the sine waves wins the thread.

  17. DFB says:

    I don't have time to rotate the remainder 45 degrees and stretch it out into a hoagie, but I'm sure someone else does:

  18. Jim says:

    For the dessert section:

  19. Simon says:

    Here is a new approach to the coffee:

    Although this doesn't work (since it takes too long to grok), it has the added benefit of also working as an octopus eye. :)

    • Elusis says:

      I was hoping for just a bean for the coffee myself. A bean with a helix in it?

    • jwz says:

      Use case: someone is driving to work in the morning. They are uncaffeinated. From a block away they see this sign. They think, "hey, I'll bet the place with the weird octopus eye vagina thingy sells coffee!"

  20. Huey says:

    I suppose it'd help if I didn't screw the link up.

  21. Juha Autero says:

    I'm thinking something like this, but executed by a better artist:

    Originally I wanted to have circles similar to pizza filling in the filling, but the one in my drawing is too thin for that.

    Also, I noticed that the "other ends" of DNA Helix (those tips on lower left and upper right) look like ends of toothpick. So, take the part of the DNA logo that DFB removed, put them closer to each other, create a shape similer to the middle part, but solid green and "flatter" between them, add horizontal black lines for texture of the filling and possibly add circle between the top tip of toothpick and top part of sandwitch as an olive.

  22. BadgeGuy says:

    Just a lurker dropping his half a cent's worth in:

  23. Crystal says:

    An artist I ain't, but I think the olive and squareness of bread help make it look like sammich more than a rounder, "burger" feel. Also, holes in swiss cheez give it holes to match pizza, and olive... well everyone loves an olive on a sharp, pointy stick. As for the bite, probably if you made it more square... like if robots ate that sammich, it might work. I think the angle and being able to see all the layers gives a bit of 3-D-ness that might help as well. (IWhile Simon's is cool, I find it burger-y and prefer BadgeGuy's overall. Just my 0.02).

    • Nils says:

      Well, you certainly win in the detailed art analysis department. ;)

      I think so far, Simon's freshly plucked sine waves wins... but it's still more busy than the other logos.

  24. Nils says:

    Since everybody is giving it there best shot, here's how I would present a sandwitch, DNA style:

  25. Simon says:

    Thanks for the feedback.

    I did a more serious coffee mug and also refined the sandwich a little bit (use similiar edges like the pizza slice, drop the rounded line butts in the sandwich content, more solid bread).
    When seen in context with the original icons I think it actually doesn't look bad IMHO:

    I think the round shape around the icons actually should vary for the different icons, I didn't bother for the lack of a better source image.

  26. Nils says:

    Awesome job! I think this sandwich design should win.

    BTW, not to be nitpicky, but the coffee cup looks a bit off to the left in this sketch. ;)

    • Simon says:

      This is actually intentional and done for optical balancing. The handle of the mug moves the optical center of the mug to the right, so the mug as a whole is moved a little bit to the left to put its optical center in the actual center. Also it helps balancing the negative space between the mug and the ring.

      Not an exact science of course, I might have overdone it if you notice it :)

      • LionsPhil says:

        My non-expert opinion is that the saucer is giving it away, since it's centred on the cup and very obviously not centred in the ring. I have no idea how to fix that, though, beyond going "hey, these are nice and I probably wouldn't nitpick them if I weren't staring at them on a computer screen with nothing better to do like order coffee".

  27. Ian Young says:

    You might also need a logo for your WiFi offering, so I figure this is a good one:

    • Erbo says:

      This is either brilliantly ironic or the best example of EPIC FAIL I've seen all day.

    • jwz says:

      Actually, back when the kiosks were still a going concern, we used this:

      (Warchalking... that was a fad that lasted about 5 minutes...)

      • David M.A. says:

        I had to Google "warchalking". Neat idea, but yeah, definitely a product of a very narrow window of time. These days, the default assumption is that there is always wifi available.

  28. Doug Orleans says:

    Is it just me or does that "pizza" look like a cartoon zombie with a mohawk?

  29. Steven says:

    I know this is not what you asked, but you really should have turned the "stargate" to a new "chevron" every time you created a new sign... That would have been pretty awesome*.

    (* I'm kinda high right now, YMMV)

  30. pedro says:

    So, this is what I came up with...

    but I could change it to fit your taste..

    also, this is just a sketch.. I could make it bigger and less pixelated =p

  31. Jon says:

    I think the coffee one would look better if it was more horizontally-centred. It needs a nudge to the left. Ideally line the middle of the mug (excluding the handle) with the middle of the ring.

    • Jon says:

      I've just done some measurements and it is pretty much centred as I describe already. Which probably means the handle is more important than I thought.

  32. Phil McClure says:

    I had to put a black background behind the original png. Imgur seems to flatten my transparent background whenever I upload it.